A Brief Guide to the US Visa Renewal Process

Attended the latest Global Investment Immigration Summit in India? Well, the conference programme comes up with the presentation on latest developments and policy changes influencing the fast-changing citizenship and residency environment. This webcast will help you come across the visa renewal process in the United States of America. So let’s just dip in!

If we talk about the immigrants, who previously got a non-immigrant visa in the United States can go through a streamlined procedure for re-issuing an entry permit in the country. In this case, the applicant does not need to be interviewed at the embassy. However, it is important to fill out a visa application form in the US again, and pay a visa fee for the same. The decision to extend the visa is taken remotely, and the prepared documents are sent to the consular department for future consideration via mail. The key here is to approach all the established conditions.

What Visa kind can be considered for Renewal?

  • When the previous permission was issued after October 2007, which states that the obligatory procedure for scanning the fingerprints was passed.
  • When the extension is subject to the same category as before.
  • Since the end of the previous limit, less than 47 months have passed, when considering categories B1, B2, C1, D.
  • However, if you apply for renewal for F or M visa, and you:
  • Continue to participate in the same program, even if you have changed your situation.
  • Attend the same educational institution; even if you participate in another program, as well as you there is a valid visa, the validity of which expired no more than 12 months ago.
  • If you apply for a visa H, L, O, P, or R, you are required to provide your valid visa, which expired no more than 12 months ago.
  • However, if you apply for renewal for an E2 visa, your visa is still valid or the visa has expired not more than 12 months ago. Your business plans and investments have not changed since you got your previous visa.
  • Less than 11 months have passed since the expiry of the category not included in the clause above
  • A valid visa-license is being re-applied
  • The country where the application is filed coincides with the citizenship.
  • You meet the requirements for getting a visa under US visa laws and your last visa application has not been subject to administrative review.
  • You have never been denied for a visa, or if you received, post a refusal you have issued a visa.

People who apply for a visa renew while not in their own country, first, pay a consular fee, and secondly, they are still interviewed especially when it is important to obtain a long-term permit or multi visa. Regardless to say, a document in a foreign country can be obtained.

Why you need to Re-enter your Visa?

Took part in the Investment Immigration Summit in India where citizenship specialists will help you explore opportunities to invest in world’s top citizenship programmes? Theoretically, any type of visa clearance is allowed for renewal. However, in practice, there are some hidden circumstances that, with a probability of more than 90%, will lead to the application rejection.

Hence, if there is an opportunity, it is better to immediately begin issuing a package for a new one if:

  • It is worth noticing the clearance received on a US visa, valid or used before.
  • It is required to prolong the student’s visa type F. M, sometimes J.

What are the documents required for Visa Renewal Process?

  • Valid international passport.
  • An old passport, if it includes visa stamps of the past.
  • Payment for the transfer of due collection, its number.
  • A photo was taken earlier than 6 months ago and not the same as on the previous questionnaire.
  • A completed, printed DS-160 questionnaire, the bar code number of the questionnaire.
  • Accompanying papers related to the trip- invitations, calls, telegrams, certificates, passports of children.

When the entire procedure is finished viewing the courier will bring passports with new inserts at the specified address on the website profiles. Or even return blank passports post an application rejection.

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