Complete Guide to Develop an On-demand Service App like Uber, Gojek or UrbanClap

The on-demand market is in the uptrend in the present. Many on-demand services are being launched in the market daily due to the increased demand from the users. More than 81% of the people in the US have smartphones. So, the usage of online apps will also be relatively high. 

Factors to be considered before developing an on-demand app:

There are a few aspects that should be analyzed before you build an on-demand app. This will help you build an efficient app with all the necessary features. 

Have a fixed set of requirements:

Once you decide on what service you are going to provide, you have to set up the requirements. A fixed list of requirements will help you decide on the attributes that have to be included in the app. You have to analyze the market statistics, the current scenario in the on-demand market, key players and their apps, the region you are going to cover, the interests of the people residing there, and more to set the business requirements. 

Technology stack:

Finalize the technology stack that you are going to implement in the app. Make sure you use the latest and robust framework in the on-demand services app. It is not necessary to go for scratch app development, You can also use a ready-made white-label app solutions like Gojek clone apps.

In the case of GoJek clone apps, the technology employed should be the latest one as it will contain multiple services.  Programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, and more can be used. Include analytics tools in the app to keep track of the data anytime. 

Time slots:

Assign a fixed time slot for each phase of the project and try to complete the development process within the fixed time. Track the progress of the development process to launch the app on time. 

Targeting multiple platforms:

In the present on-demand market, there are Android users and iOS users in equal proportions. So, you have to target the audience of both the platforms. If you launch an app on one platform, you will lose the users of the other platform. So, ensure that you are launching the app on multiple platforms. 

List of features the app should consist of:

Panels based on the roles:

There are three roles for which you have to create separate dashboards. The panels and the options available in it should be distinct. The administrator should have access rights to all the data related to the customer and the executives. He/she should also be able to monitor the entire process. 

User panel: The user should be able to place a request for your service easily. Include as many relevant search filters as possible to help them find the product or service soon. 

Service provider dashboard: They can accept requests after they are approved by the administrator. They should have access to the location and the contact details of the customer. 

Administrator panel: The administrator should be able to access all the data. They should monitor and maintain the entire delivery process.

Charge nominally:

When you first launch your app, charge the customers a little less than the usual rates. This will make them lean to your app. Give them more offers and discounts on their first few rides. Once your app is well established, you can include surge prices and other charges accordingly.

Provide service 24*7:

Plan your on-demand business in such a way that you are able to cater to the needs of the customers whenever possible. Ensure that you will be available 24*7 to provide service. 

What is the time duration involved in developing an app?

The total time spent on the development process is based on the number of features to be added to the app. For instance, an app like Gojek Clone will require a little extra time as multiple services, and its features have to be added to the app. The developers will charge a fixed rate per hour. Once the features are finalized, the time taken to develop each feature can be predicted. Based on the time, the cost can be estimated. 

To conclude:

However, along with these features, you have to take a little extra effort in gaining loyal customers. High-quality service is one of the key factors to gain a large customer base. Also, cater to their requests on time. This will also help you retain customers. Based on the customer suggestions, you can add new features to the app to make it optimized. 

If you are launching an on-demand service like GoJek Clone, Swiggy Clone, UberEats clone, etc., then the cost, time, and resources involved in developing an app will be reduced. It will be budget-friendly, and support will be provided after you launch the app also. The developers will make sure that your app does not have any glitches or errors. Any future updates will also be done by them. Contact the right app development company and build your on-demand service app now.