Factors to Consider When Choosing Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is in fashion as its popularity, as a preferred flooring option is growing with homeowners all across the United States. Offering various advantages – durability, cost-effectiveness, easy to clean and maintain, eco-friendliness – hardwood has of late started competing with tile and carpeting as the best flooring option. 

Hardwood Flooring Boise Idaho

However, deciding to install wooden or Hardwood Flooring Boise Idaho is just the starting point. There are a host of additional decisions that homeowners should make and only then, they can be sure that the hardwood will best suit the site where it is chosen to be installed. This write-up discusses some of those factors.

Two Options to Choose From

When shopping hardwood floor you have “prefinished” and “unfished”, two options from which to make your selection. Prefinished is a wood option that is bought with a sealant and topcoat already on it. Unfinished hardwood also called “site finished” is when the finished coat isn’t applied till after the floor has been installed. 

Prefinished woods are machine done and are very specifically applied. The deterrent regards prefinished hardwood floors is that they tend to sometimes leave gaps after installation, but you can’t sand them like you would be able to with site finished woods.

Ask Help of Hardwood Flooring Experts

Many flooring specialists recommend unfinished hardwood flooring Boise, Idaho since the wood will have a chance to adapt to the temperature of its new atmosphere and contract and expand likewise. Once it adapts, it would then be able to be sanded and smoothed ensuring no gaps are left.

The only problem with site finishes is that the finish is applied by an individual, turning it into an exceedingly heavy DIY job. Wood finishes should be applied smoothly and accurately, which means you are better off hiring a hardwood floor installation expert. A specialist in hardwood flooring can help you step by step with selecting your new floor, and find a floor that fits your taste, and your requirements.

Choosing a Suitable Wood Style

There are three specific kinds of wood styles to choose from if you want to install hardwood floors. Strip wood flooring commonly has a width in a range of 1.5 inches to 2¼ inches. Planks are like strips however have a width of more than 3 inches. Lastly, wood parquet flooring comprises of large pieces of wood that are built to fit a particular pattern or design.


Homeowners should never feel uneasy about contacting a hardwood floor expert to get familiar with which wood to install and how to go about the process.