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How to Place and Fertilize Plants in the Garden?

First of all, plants in the garden should be placed so that they do not obscure each other and at the same time use the area with greater benefit. For heat-loving and precocious vegetables, the warmest places protected from the north are taken away. From year to year, crops are interchanged which allows better use of nutrients from the soil and fertilizers and makes it easier to control weeds, diseases and pests.


It is only necessary to take into account that related plants (for example, cabbage and radishes, tomatoes and potatoes, cucumbers and zucchini) are affected by the same pests and diseases. Crops for which you need to apply large doses of fertilizer, such as cabbage, cucumber, alternate with such as tomato, root vegetables which grow better and bear fruit in the second and third years after applying manure. More illuminated places are reserved for radishes, tomatoes, cabbage, as well as early-ripening varieties, and perennial vegetables, onions, rhubarb, and sorrel are put up with slight shading.


What fertilizers are needed and in what quantities

Plants for their growth and development take from the soil nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and other chemicals. With a crop of garden crops annually taken out from each square. m area from 5 to 35 g of nitrogen, 2-12 g of phosphorus and 8-50 g of potassium. In greenhouses, where the yield is higher, the costs, respectively, are greater. In order to get good yields and not deplete the soil, these three substances must be given in the form of fertilizers, of which we use urea containing 46% nitrogen, double granular superphosphate (50% phosphorus), sulfate and potassium chloride (up to 60% potassium ) A valuable fertilizer for greenhouses is crystallin containing 10–20% nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and calcium. You can apply the garden mixture, consisting of three main components; Riga mixtures, including, in addition, trace elements, magnesium, iron; as well as ammophos, ammophos (11-21% nitrogen,


Many chemicals are consumed by plants in very small quantities, a few milligrams per 1 m2. All of them are found in land and manure, but alkaline soils may lack manganese, zinc, molybdenum, copper and others. Their introduction in the form of chemical salts or in the form of tablets is useful in the sense that vegetable products are enriched and become more useful.


Organic fertilizers improve the physical properties of the soil, make it lighter, loose, warm, well-permeable and retaining water and air. During the decomposition of organic substances, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other substances enter the soil and become available to plants, and the carbon dioxide necessary for plants is released into the air. As organic fertilizers, manure of all kinds of animals, slurry, humus, various composts are used.


Peat granules and organic fertilizers: I propose to switch to the production of organic fertilizers. Put barrels on the plot or arrange 2-3 pits lined with brick or concrete into which organic mass, leaves should be placed.


Biotechnologies to help the gardener: In recent years, gardeners are increasingly asking the question: is it really possible to grow, say, carrots or some kind of small piece even from one cell.


Preparation for storing vegetables, storage problems: Preparation for storing vegetables is recommended to start long before harvesting and even before sowing. First of all, get or grow on your site the seeds of bed varieties.


Garden work in April: Today it sweeps and blows, as if the winter cold has really come back for a long time, and tomorrow, you see, the sun has begun to play, all living things have cast off their slumber, stirred and moved.


Does peat need fertilizer? Gardeners are trying to purchase peat as much as possible. They immediately scattered on the beds, under trees, bushes, and reassured, wait for the harvest, which, in theory, should jump to it.

Beautification of a summer residence after winter: After winter, it is necessary to organize proper lawn care in the country using john guest fittings. Spring fertilizing of lawns is carried out, and the moss formed on the lawns is being fought. Fertilize lawns