Mobile App Ideas That Will Sail You Right Into 2020

Creating an app is a lot like coming up with a suitable name for your pet. Every pet owner names their furry friend according to its character. In the same way, creating an app should be directed towards what the public is looking for; creating its features to suit the needs of a targeted audience. In the case of start-up companies, not many survive or thrive if the apps they’re creating aren’t up to unique standards. Following are just a few ideas for every Start-up Company or developer who are looking for newer and better ideas in creating the perfect apps.

A few ideas that might take you to newer heights in 2020

Apps are created to assist mainly a targeted crowd with everything you can think of, starting from weight loss apps, literature apps, food services, car services, IT-related apps and so much more. Every app that is designed or has to be designed should always be created to stand out and unique, rather than just another bland replica of an app that is already out. Some ideas may include:

• Healthcare

Healthcare is increasingly expensive when it comes to making regular check-ups to the doctor. With the ideas of creating health care apps, more and more customers can now find suitable doctors online rather than walking or driving to far off clinics.

• Virtual reality

There are so many newer discoveries made with the help of virtual reality taking over. Gone are the days when virtual reality used to only be evident in video games or movies etc. Now with advancements in technology and a change in time and space, VR apps will be the next big thing. Providing users with VR technologies like dating apps and medical care features.

• Bots

The world of bots has taken over, providing every customer with online feedback and consultations. There are hardly any apps that exist in the new world without the aid of chatbots. When I paid a visit to a mobile app development agency in California, I came to the professional, with an idea in mind for my business app. They too suggested that I add this feature in my app because it is the next best thing that will last for a long while.

• Augmented reality

Apps using augmented reality features are what’s in nowadays. Giving its customers a full-fledged idea of the real world incorporated with additional images that are computer-generated.

• Blockchain

Security is one of the main needs of most app users. Blockchain apps allow you to store unedited versions of important data and so much more. Statistics say that it will continue and carry on towards 2023, being of advanced nature.

In conclusion, creating apps that are similar to many others will not work or carry on into the New Year 2020. It’s time to follow trends and keep up with the times or better yet, think ahead.

Author: is a Digital Marketing agency, with close to 15+ years client experience in web/online marketing project management & corporate training.

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