Reasons to Choose Organic Food Suppliers in Australia

organic food suppliers australia

With each passing year, the importance and popularity of organic food suppliers in Australia is growing at a tremendous pace. The term organic refers mainly to the mode by which agricultural products are cultivated or grown as well as processed.

Typically, ‘organic’ crops and produce refers to that which is grown without the use of fertilizers based on petroleum products and sewage-sludge, synthetic pesticides and bio-engineered genes (GMOs). Organic livestock raised for meat, dairy products, and eggs is given organic feed and allowed to graze outside. They must not be given growth hormones, animal by-products or antibiotics.
So, here are some differences between organic and non-organic:

  • Organic produce is grown with natural fertilizer, while non-organic is grown with synthetic and chemical fertilizers.
  • In organic cultivation, weeds are controlled naturally, while in the case of non-organic, weeds are dealt with using chemical herbicides.
  • Organic produce is protected from pests by using pesticides that are naturally derived. In non-organic, synthetic pesticides are used.
  • Organic animals are fed organic, hormone-GMO free food. In the non-organic raising of animals, they are fed with hormones for fast growth.
  • Organic methods of raising animals use natural methods to prevent diseases. In non-organic ways, medication like antibiotics is used.
  • Inorganic methods, livestock should have access to outdoors, whereas, in non-organic methods, this may not be the case.

Consuming organic food is a growing trend in the world today and has benefitted both the consumer as well as organic food suppliers in Australia. The following are the widely recognised benefits of organic food:

  • Better health

Organic food items do not cause accumulation of toxins in the human body as they are not grown with chemical fertilizers, pesticides or insecticides. Natural techniques of manuring soil, as well as control of pests and diseases, help in the production of non-toxic, healthier and safer food products.

  • Rich in antioxidants

Organic food does not react with vitamins and organic compounds, which might counteract the good effects of antioxidants. Moreover, antioxidants derived from organic food can help prevent cardiac problems, vision defects, cancer, cognitive malfunction and more.

  • Healthy heart

Grazing outdoors on natural grass can enhance the quantum of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), which is found in animal-based food. Herbivores consume natural grass that converts sun energy through photosynthesis into organic CLA. This CLA is a fatty acid that is healthy food for the heart and boosts cardiovascular health.

  • Avoids antibiotics

Non-organic animal food contains a high quantum of antibiotics and growth hormones. This weakens the immune system of human beings consuming it because of the development of pathogen resistance in them. Organic food is ideal as it is free of growth hormones, antibiotics, and vaccines.

  • Better taste

Because crops are provided more time to mature and cultivated naturally without chemicals, on the other hand, organic food items are mostly tastier than inorganic food.

  • Cut back in pesticides

Consumption of chemical pesticides is connected to a variety of disorders like congenital disabilities, cancer, headaches, weak immune system, etc. Chemicals are not natural and cause various ailments. Organic food is preferable due to the lack of toxins.

  • Strong immune system

Because of modern food insecurity concerns of the world, there is a stress on producing more meat, more cereals, and more abundant fruits through the process of genetic modification and the use of growth hormones. But studies have found that such food weakens the immune system of human beings. In contrast, organic food is free of such artificial modifications and also contains high vitamin and mineral content that boosts immunity.

  • Poison-free

Chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers are all poisonous ingredients in the food cycle. Organic food is free of contamination because it is free of poisonous chemicals that harm the body.

  • High nutritional content

Organic products like organic poultry, organic meat, organic milk, and organic fish are rich in nutrients. This is because they are grown in natural conditions and are not fed with growth hormones and GMO based feed. Organic products are rich in mineral and vitamin content. Hence, organic food suppliers in Australia are highly sought after.

  • Fresh food

Organic food is mostly sold fresh as are not packed with preservatives. They are full of natural flavour compared to inorganic food.

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