Top DIY Wedding Cake Ideas for a Memorable Celebration

Wedding Cake

A wedding day is a remarkable day for the couple who is tying the knot of love forever. It is a special event for a couple to share memorable moments. A wedding couple has to follow different customs and cultures. They also have to take marriage vows and exchange the rings as a symbolic item with each other. It is the best time to share some happy moments with family and friends. Guests also come with unique gifts to bless the wedding couple on their memorable event. There is also a tradition of cake cutting in most of the wedding parties. People have their budget to design a beautiful cake for a grand celebration. The cake cutting ceremony is an essential part of the wedding day when everyone enjoys the delicious bites of the cake and bless the new couple. It is always more appealing and delightful to surprise the wedding couple. There are also options to express wedding cake delivery online in Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, and many other cities in India. You have to pick the best pattern along with mouthwatering flavors to delight everyone at the party. Before ordering the cake, you should know the preparation method of the cake to make it more special for the celebration.

Here are some best DIY wedding cake ideas to amuse the new couple and guests.

Rose Patterned Cake:

When it comes to making your wedding party extra special, you have to decorate an attractive cake for the wedding celebration. First, you need to choose a delicious flavor of the cake. Then you should think about the design and topping of the cake. You can go with rose frosting to give an elegant touch to the designer cake. The rose frosting looks perfect in red and pink for the wedding party.

There is an option to use buttercream frosting for the rose pattern on the top. You can even prepare icing to design different roses on the cake. It is a little time-consuming task but surely makes the cake beautiful for the remarkable event of your life. Go with a heart-shaped design to give a romantic feeling to the wedding couple.

Butterfly Fondant Design:

A wedding day is a memorable day that comes once in a couple’s life. So, it is essential to prepare a fantastic cake for the wedding ceremony. We are giving you another beautiful idea to decorate the cake. The cake should be two to three tiers with such a butterfly pattern on the top. It is done by fondant icing to make it smooth with a well-designed surface on the cake. You can also add some blue butterfly’s fondant pattern on the white surface of the cake. It could be the right choice to make the couple feel special on their special event. You can even send cake to Mumbai with such a beautiful fondant design. It would be the best idea to show your endearment for the new couple.

A Couple Topper Design:

The wedding cake can be on a unique theme to surprise the wedding couple. This is the best time to show your creativity to give them some touchy moments of the day. You can prepare a couple topper designed the cake to recognize their bond of closeness. Take the perfect shape and size of the couple model to put on the fondant cake. The colored frosting is used to make an ideal couple toy shape on the cake. Don’t forget to put a lovely message on the cake to make them feel special. It would be a fantastic wedding cake to bring their joy to the next level of happiness.

Colorful Flower Patterns:

Flowers are used for different ornamentation purposes of marking various celebrations. Most of the people have their unique choices in fresh flowers. There is also an option to decorate the cake with flower patterns. You have to choose different colors to design attractive floral designs on the top of the cake. It could be a center of attraction during the wedding party. The best idea is to make it a fondant cake to put a complete flowery touch on the top. It is going to be an eye-catching design of the cake to mark this memorable day. You can even order such unique floral delight from the best cakes in Mumbai to amaze the couple.

We hope you would love to try these extraordinary wedding cake ideas to create some unforgettable memories of the grand celebration.