Top Most Profitable Niches for Beginners

If you are looking to start a blog, then this article will give you success and people read it seriously. Today’s post is very
interesting because today, I will give you some best blogging topics for freshers.

Nowadays, the craze of blogging is increasing day by day. Every person wants to earn money through smart work. In today’s time, a smart person is more successful than a hard-working person.
The most important thing in blogging is patience if you have no patience than you can’t succeed in blogging. I hope you will love this article

Most Profitable Niches for Blogging in 2019

Here are some best niches for a beginner. Let’s have a look –


News is the most profitable topic for blogging. News connect people worldwide and every person wants a connection with what is happening in the world? This topic has a lot of searches every month and competition is high that’s the reason lies on top of our top 5 best topics for blogging.
The student can start their career because this is very easy to write articles based on current affairs and upcoming programs.

Health and fitness

This topic is a very good topic for getting success in blogging. People are aware of their health. In this topic, you can list healthy food, a balanced diet chart. This topic can give massive success in less time if the blogger is hard working.
With this search volume and high CPC health and fitness is a profitable blogging topic for newbies. This topic has low competition value which means that students can easily rank their post and earn name and fame, so as a beginner, this niche is best for you.

Image website

Well, If you have bad writing skills, then don’t worry, you can start an image website such as good morning images HD website. This niche is also a profitable niche for beginners as it has low competition and a good CPC. This niche can make you succeed if you can work

Govt job and opportunity

Government job and opportunity is the best profitable niche in the field of blogging for newbies. This topic has twenty lakh searches with high CPC and competition is not high. If freshers try to write articles on the latest govt. vacancies, recruitment in govt department,
upcoming govt exams, syllabus, admit card, last year question papers, model test papers, sample paper, and more information about govt jobs, they can get early success in this field.

This topic is mostly searched by the unemployed youth of India. Many people have no job, they any time to think about jobs.


Tech is also a good and profitable topic for blogging for freshers. Every person wants to become technical minded. The topic is related to Tech, website designing, Application making, Operating system Management, Android tricks, etc. For working in this niche you
must have good knowledge of devices like mobile phones, computers, etc.
The topic that has greater traffic volume, hence it becomes a profitable blogging topic for students.


This topic is a very interesting and most profitable topic for freshers because the craze of gaming is increasing day by day. Every wants knowledge about new games and play in a happy manner. This topic has maximum searches in comparison with other topics and gives
maximum CPC. If any create their blog on gaming, they get success in their life.


These were the best blogging topics for beginners by which they can start their blogging career and increase their earnings. Ome other topics for blogging are Movies, SEO, Blogging, Digital Marketing, Review website, Movie review, Shayari website, etc.
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