What Are The Advantages Of A Comprehensive HIV Test?

Since the inception of various forms of HIV treatment procedures, new methodologies are steadily emerging. Nowadays, there are a wide number of HIV testing metrics that facilitate reliability and accuracy. Moreover, a plethora of doctors and health care professionals are increasingly laying emphasis on routine HIV testing. To address the spread of AIDS, a periodic HIV Check is a favorable option. Note that HIV can survive in its host without obvious symptoms. However, one should always undergo HIVG tests at trusted centres.

Rapid HIV tests

HIV tests operate on the same health principles when compared to antibody tests. But there is a definite advantage of opting for rapid HIV tests. Rapid HIV tests have a much quicker turnaround time. The patient can get to know his or her HIV status quickly. This test usually takes less than an hour and often requires no follow-up visit. On the other hand, they are easier for medical staff to conduct and minimally invasive for the patient.

Antibody Tests

The antibody tests are the most common form of HIV tests for routine check-ups. This type of test focuses on the antigens produced by the body in response to HIV infection. Note that this method of HIV testing is usually preferred after three months since the patient is diagnosed with AIDS. Individuals who have participated in HIV vaccine trials should opt for multiple tests to decrease any chance of false results.

Antigen Tests

These types of tests usually derive substances from the HIV virus itself. Note that they derive the P24 protein produced in the early stages of HIV infection. This type of testing isn’t very sensitive and hence patients can easily opt for it. This is also the reason that in the case of antigen tests, the doctors usually administer hybrid HIV testing. They accomplish that by combining standard antibody tests with antigen tests. By using this procedure, they are able to reduce the window period.

The usage of home kits in HIV detection

Home kits are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Patients normally use them at home to check whether the infection has spread in their system or not. It is worthwhile to note here that home testing kits are also known as antibody test systems. But one should exercise caution while opting for home kits to determine the presence of HIV. One should ensure that the home test kit is FDA approved. There are various tests that can also produce a direct outcome.

The evolution of PCR tests

PCR tests can also help with STD Check. PCR stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction and is quite adept in detecting the HIV infection in early stages. PCR is also known as Virus Load Test or Nucleic Acid Amplification. It is one of those tests which are quite beneficial in determining HIV in newborn babies. However, one should only opt for this test in a certified clinic. It is because there are a lot of complications involved in PCR tests.

If you are suffering from symptoms of HIV, it is wise to opt for a comprehensive check-up in a certified clinic.