5 Ways to Increase Boiler Efficiency this Winter

Nothing is so important in winter than boiler. Half of the work is done by boiler itself. From keeping your home warm to running hot water, all those things that are a necessity in winter. If your boiler stops working, what you will do in extreme cold climate? It’s horrific to think about.

Heating devices might fail during cold days and it’s natural. The difficulty comes on homeowners when they have to wait for a few days for an expert to arrive and handle the situation. Lack of access to hot things in winter will seriously destroy the happy living. There’s only one way to avoid such a horrendous circumstances and that is to protect your boiler from getting disturbed. Calling 24 hour boiler repair services in London can solve your problem of getting stuck in winter months. Although certain faults are not in our hands but what’s in our hand is the maintenance will ensure that the appliance work perfectly fine.

A regular maintenance will actually warn you way before you get to know any defective signs. Winter months are really inauspicious or such devices like boiler. The reason is, we use them too much and put them on huge pressure. The secret of keeping your boiler alive for a long period of time is to maintain it even when it is not in use. This way you can have a boiler running efficiently when it will be in use.

Boiler maintenance starts with your regular checkup and detecting any potential problems. When you detect a problem in the first place, you are much more likely to identify the possible threat in your boiler before it actually breaks down. Isn’t that amazing? You don’t even have to spend huge bucks on repairing!

  1. How long a boiler can last?If you have maintained your boiler well by keeping its efficiency then it can last upto 15 years. Again, it depends on how you have taken care of your own heating system. If you fail to protect the boiler by not adhering to your responsibility then it might last less than 15 years.Regular maintenance can actually reduce your cost of repairing broken parts. Some manufacturers come with a particular time period of servicing. Servicing your boiler is again a good step in ensuring a full safety even when it’s not winter and you don’t need it anymore. Heating devices are such a thing that you have to think about them even when they are not in use as these devices have the potential to be damaged when not taken care of.
  2. The maintenance tips for gas boilerLow water pressure is a common problem of boiler and everyone has faced it at some point of their life. This problem can be solved with home remedies and needs a little bit of guidance. There’s no point in calling an engineer after you face with breakage. The breakdown starts with you! If you have taken care of the pressure, such occurrences will never happen. Make sure you are in the range of 1-1.5, despite of your mode of boiler (digital or manual).
  3. Bleeding radiators- a good step in extending the life duration of the boilerWhen you are at the onset of winter season, you must bleed your radiators. When you bleed your radiators, it allows the trapped air to release thus creating a fresh flow inside the boiler. Do this step after the summer months! The real issue of trapped air is that they don’t heat up evenly which leads to issues like heating the top one and leaving the bottom cold.Often times, your radiator must have been troubled with the valves. If accidentally the valves are painted over, it won’t allow the heat to be distributed which will block the pressure. At this time, you are supposed to use some WD40. While you check these issues, you can be at least sure of the problems. These small gas boiler maintenance will save you a huge bucks without having to sacrifice a lot of days.
  4. Ventilation is a MUST!Since the boiler is in the task for heating up, you need to give it ample space. Keeping your boiler in a well-ventilated room will help you in extending its life more than you would wish. The boiler needs some space to breathe properly, any hindrance will destroy its efficient usage.
  5. An annual gas boiler maintenance check is very importantWhen it’s about gas boiler maintenance check, you need to be sure that only a registered engineer is allowed to touch it. If an inexperienced person gets access to touch your gas boiler, any fault fittings can lead to heavy losses in the future. An experienced technician will thoroughly check the boiler and will rectify the potential problems way before you actually suffer with boiler breakdown.If you want to avoid any problems for your winter season, you need to start the maintenance programme between the month of September and January.

Conclusion, all these maintenance tips will help you in keeping your boiler in good condition. Since winter brings in a lot of device failure situations, you need to take extra care with the boiler.