Common Features That Makes Window Boxes Unique

The world we live in is unpredictable, anything can happen, at any time, anywhere.

A very sleek branded rectangular box with a window cut out in the top lid that opens up to a very nice fabric box insert that holds the product in a very captivating manner.

Would not it be irresistible to take your hands off of that matte finish and silky fabric in the inside?

What did such a box do to you? Engagement! It is important for packaging to keep the customer engaged for the longest period of time as it helps in creating a long-lasting first good impression on the customers and also a reinforcement of the brand.

There are a lot of different products that come in the market. Some of them succeed in making their mark in the market instantly, whereas others fail to impress the customers. Well, the packaging is the most important thing that creates a brand, the brand. Thanks to the advancement in packaging industry, we have opportunities to create packing boxes in the shapes, sizes, and designs of our choice. Custom boxes are the most versatile in different ways such as;

  • They offer the ultimate protection
  • Provide the most durable and strongest packaging
  • Attract customer with their aesthetically pleasing custom printing
  • Can be made in the shape you name
  • Sizes can be adjusted according to the need
  • Quality is controllable with the custom layering of liners
  • Gives the cheapest packaging
  • Lightweight

It is a very interesting opportunity for companies to develop a strong and powerful image of the brand among the customers and competitors with personalized and branded packaging.

No doubt every box comes with its benefits and outlook but the most amazing and loveable are window cut-out boxes.

Unique structure

Cut-out encasements are unique in their structure. The die-cutting technique is used to make these them, which uses a die plate in the custom template that cut a single sheet of paper and creases it for folding and securing. These are more secure than regular ones because of the interlocking flaps that close the box. These flaps give a tight locking that does not open up until someone do it manually.


Another amazing benefit of these boxes is that they can be customized in every shape to provide better containment to the products in style and strength. Not only the appearance but the strength, sizes, designs, quality, and sustainability can also be controlled. 


The first and the foremost thing in a box’s life is the material that is used to make them. Window cut-out encasements can be made from cardboard, Kraft paper, and corrugated cardboard that are highly sustainable. These materials are bio-degradable and recyclable yet offer the strongest and the sturdiest packaging for the product of any type. They can easily hold a reasonable amount of weight without any damage. Cardboard is non-collapsible that provides protection against potential damage.

Shapes & Sizes

Window boxes in unique shapes make them distinguished from other regular ones. As the name implies, window cut-outs are custom cuts in the box which gives a very fashionable peak of the product inside the box.

These cut-outs are not only in one particular shape but you can get different patterns, prints, designs, lettering, and imagery to create a very custom packaging that fulfils the need of your brand and the product.

Printing & designing

Printing not only enhances the outlook of the packaging but gives them an individual identity that helps in the recognition of the product and the brand. These prints give premium results because of the advanced printing techniques such as inkjet, screen, and laser printing.

Besides these main features, they fulfill all the silent features of packaging that are;

Brand recognition

The market is full of uncountable brands that use custom boxes for product packing because it not only is unique but is affordable. It has become necessary to create distinction among the brands in a way that your product must stand out in terms of quality, functionality, durability, and most importantly the design elements that speak for the brand. These things help in the recognition of the brand.

The colors, texture of the box, and cut-outs can become your brand’s identity. Whenever a customer will see a specific color or a particular cut-out, it will instantly remind them of you.


Brand oriented packaging, custom logos, product information, high-quality material, and laminations give a worthy and professional image of the brand. Eye-catching patterns and product packing represent the brand while sitting on the shelves.

Along with branding, these boxes make purchase decision easy for the customers because of their cut-outs. Seeing the product gives customers a brief and clear idea of what they are getting.

Grabbing the attention of the customers

No matter how advanced the world become, no matter what century it is, appearance had been the most important factor in judging, whether it is a person or a product.
When customer enters a shop, before moving in a particular direction they skim through all of the products but decide to look more into the one that grabs their attention.

There are a lot of online wholesale vendors that offer fully customized window boxes for sale at the cheapest possible rates. Lower custom rates give freedom to the companies to get custom packaging.

The uniqueness of these cut-out encasements is well justified by the quality and variety it offers for the product of any type and size.

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