Cooper Used Generator

Cooper Used Generator is an ISO and TS 16949 certified company with 9 manufacturing plants and over 2500 employees. Recently Cooper has invested in a mega engine manufacturing project of US Dollar 60 million to expand its Diesel Generator capacities up to 1200 kVA. Currently, cooper manufactures Diesel Generators of 10-250 KVA with the most fuel-efficient engines of its class. A high fuel output CRDI (common rail direct injection) motor is the two-cylinder motors powering the 10-40 KVA diesel generators.The key diesel generators are Cooper’s 3,4 and 6 piston motors. ALL cooper engines are EURO IV (European Emission Standard) and CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board of India) Stage II compliant. Further, Cooper manufactures engine components for most of the leading automobile and generator brands around the globe.

Cooper Generator Feature

His ECOPACK range is unique among the diesel/gas generator. Performance and advantages are excellent. ECOPACK set designed in technical cooperation with RICARDO, UK, The global automotive, high-quality, transport and power supply leading technology supplier, product innovation, engineering solutions, and strategic advice provider.

Cooper Generators are steam-powered and supply prevailing solutions through Cooper’s own generators.


In ten to 250 KVA assessments Controlled by David Ricardo, United Kingdom’s electrical Engine Management System CRDi engines for two-chamber come inline, 4-strokes, fluid cooled engines with four valves for every chamber security feature enclosed the lower fuel consumption and l discharge prices and ready discharge reprocesses.


Cooper Generators are supercharged by the own engines of Cooper and supply prevailing preferences.

  1. Lower life cycle expenses and rehearsals for potential discharge
  2. In ten to 250 KVA assessments on the market
  3. Cooper 2,3,4 and half dozen chamber engines controlled
  4. Ricardo, UK, unambiguously engineered engine
  5. The management system of electrical engines. 
  6. Install the CRDi unit with 2 chambers.
  7. Lowest use of the gas and fill up oil within the region.
  8. Calmer many times.
  9. Size of forty %.
  10. Weight forty % lighter.
  11. CPCB II declared that decisions were too silent.
  12. Cross-cutting deals and governments funded for over one hundred communications across India.

Clean and Green Technology

The ECOPACK collection is the first euro in Asia, a full range of generators. To environmentally conscious energy users, ECOPACK is, therefore, the perfect alternative to save for emissions.


The Cooper Generator is a CPCB-approved acoustics canopy, built from various development and model trials, as a result of in-depth investigation. The ECOPACK series functions at command-like efficiency with its7-tank pretreatment and lasting power capability-stealthy, strongest quality and yet noise measurements are within 75 dbA in 1 m, distance in free conditions

The Silent Revolution

The Cooper Generator is an acoustic canopy that is licensed by CPCB and is built from several development and model trials as the result of detailed research. With command-like effectiveness, the ECOPACK series works with a7-tank pretreatment and lasting power layer. Solid, high quality and yet noise measurements are within 75 dbA, with a distance of 1 m in conditions free of charge.


Effective and Consumer Friendly 

In addition to the various brands of acclaim, ECOPACK Gensets have an unprecedented eco-friendliness and a total of 500 hours in operation and the use of lube oil of 0.1% make the ECOPACK generator the financial company to work of and enjoy a life of B10 of 7000 hours.

Engine Feature

In a long time, Cooper Corporation has been the first producer of diesel engines

We are currently specializing in the structure and production of cutting-edge innovation for motors in accordance with current and future discharge standards, with RICARDO, in the UK. 


Their conservative size, top-level environment-friendly design, and low support costs are known for cooper engines on the market. 


Cooper engines demonstrated their productivity in generators provided for domestic and universal markets with their incomparable planning highlights. Our engines are accepted in various applications, such as Agriculture, Building Hardware, Navy, Cars, Pump, Tractors.


Quality Of Copper Generator 

We enforce stringent quality control procedures for each of our goods.. The research facilities of the Cooper Corporation Quality Control are equipped with a Chemical Analysis with an Emission Spectrometer, MSM and BHN / HRB Hardness Testing Machines. The elements for strength, length, elasticity modules, surface quality, and internal defects are further estimated and tested.

Quality Policy

Our quality policy at Cooper Corporation is intended to fulfill the following objectives:

Enhance procedures and lower costs on a continuous premising through the extensive use of measurable procedures Engage workers through shifted openings Adhere to exclusive housekeeping instruction to provide high-level working conditions. Start applying ISO9001:2008 value programs, ISO / TS 16949:2009


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