Different Tools to Embed Feeds From Instagram To Website

Social media is turning out to be a virtual world with everything made available through itself as the source. Instagram was introduced as a photo-sharing platform, but with time, the developers have been upgrading the app to serve the marketers’ requirements. 

Not just the developers of the app, other tech-savvy people also came up with innovative ideas to use Instagram as a tool for marketers to interact with their customers. With much more potentials just than sharing visual media, Instagram hosts 714 million users who access their profiles daily. 

This article is about the potentials of embedding feeds from Instagram to Website

What is Instagram Feed?

If you don’t know what Instagram feed is, it would be pretty annoying for yourself!

Instagram feed is the space offered by the app to share and connect with other users. The feed delivers to you the content shared by the people and pages you are following. Every time the user opens Instagram or refreshes the feed, they are delivered with the photos and videos relevant to their interests on the top of the feed. 

Why embed feeds from Instagram to Website?

There is much more to the potential of Instagram beyond the number of likes and followers. It helps you establish your brand among the users with engaging interactions and empower the brand social influence to build brand trust. 

Leveraging user-generated content, a brand could do magic on social media platforms like Instagram. Here, let’s get deep in knowing the benefits and the procedure behind embedding feeds from Instagram to Website.

Redirect Traffic to the Website

Embedding an Instagram feed on your Website lets you divert the traffic on your Instagram handle on to your Website. It allows the users to socialize on the Website instead of the Instagram app. It helps in creating interactive conversations with the users and make them connect to your brand.

As social media platforms are addictive these days, the embedded Instagram feed on the Website allows them to scroll through the posts as they do on the app, due to which the dwell time increases on the Website.

More the engagement and dwell time, lesser is the bounce rate. And with a lower bounce rate, more are the chances of conversions. 

A Takeaway of UGC for the Website

User-generated content is an excellent source to flaunt your brand’s loyal customers and their experience with the products/services. UGC comes directly from the customers, and it is considered to be valuable as their excellent experiences can be used as a form of unpaid advertisements. 

By embedding feeds from Instagram to Website, you cater to authentic content to build the recognition for the brand. But there are several things to be kept in mind while showcasing the UGC on the Website, as the unnoticed negative comments can ruin the brand image in case if there is such content. 

The leading UGC platforms assist you in collecting, curating, moderating, and displaying the user-generated content with an easily-embeddable, interactive, and impressive Instagram feed on the Website.

Make your Website Vibrant

Instagram is a platform created to share visual content. As you embed Instagram feed on your Website, the visually appealing factors of the app could please the visitors’ eyes. The heterogeneous visual content from different users adds colors to your Website to make its user interface more attractive.

With every user having a variable perspective, the content can be a blend of creativity embracing around the brand, the products/services, and their experiences. This dynamic addition can light up your Website and keep the visitors scrolling for a long time.

The social media aggregation tools these days lets you customize the embedded feed with custom panels to make it more attractive.

Brand Reinforcement

With huge traffic on the platform, Instagram is one of the top social media marketing platforms for brands. Embedding an Instagram feed will enhance your Website to improve your brand’s social reach and take your social influence to a level higher.

As more people know about your brand and talking about your products/services, impromptu marketing is already in action. The word of mouth marketing is taking your brand ahead as the social reach increases.

The more people talk about your brand, the more the trust grows within the users. With a wide customer base trusting the brand, it builds a stronger brand image.

Boost for Conversion Rates

Most of the brands now have an e-commerce platform, which is mostly their business website. In such cases, embedding an Instagram feed on the Website helps attract more customers with the content created by happy customers who had a good experience using your products or services. 

It takes the website visitor closer to the point of sale to turn their inspiration to a conversion. The visitor then turns into a customer successfully. Instagram feed on a website can catch the eyes quickly and can take the best advantage of influencing the viewers’ purchase decision.

In the same way, once the customer finds the brand convincing, they would come back due to the trust and sticks to it.

How to Embed an Instagram Feed To Website?

Embedding an Instagram feed to your Website is not as complicated as it sounds. There are several tools available online, which helps you embed feeds from Instagram to Website. But, here is a list of some useful tools that can make the task easier. 

1. Taggbox 

Creating modern and amazing walls for websites, Taggbox has been embedding social media feeds to websites creatively to engage the users. Being the best UGC platform, it assists you in creating attractive Instagram feeds, collecting the best available user-generated content on Instagram. These tools offer options to customize these walls in multiple outlays so that it goes well with your Website design.

The social media aggregator collects and curates authentic user-generated content with relevance to your brand on Instagram, and designs a real-time display for the website visitors. 

The moderation feature allows you to choose the positive content based on words, tags, and much more. It helps you to keep your feed from negative content.

Its responsive solutions are designed to adapt to the screen sizes according to the devices, be it TV screens, projectors, tablets, laptops, or a phone. 

Analytics feature lets you keep track of your social wall and its performance. It can be used to generate reports and to boost user engagement.

2. Instafeed.js

Let’s say, Instafeed.js is the easiest way to embed Instagram photos to your Website. With no requirements of jQuery, it allows you to do it with a simple ‘ol javascript code. 

Instafeed.jis offers an easy-to-setup module. All you need to do is download the HTML code and add it to your Website’s backend. It is compatible with AMD/CommonJS and, also available on NPM and bower. 

It also lets you make customizations based on templating, standard, and advanced options to alter the behavior of the posts. The alterations and customizations have to be done manually using the codes made available by Instagram.js.

For the standard options of customization needs you to have an API client id from Instagram. It allows you to collect the posts based on hashtags, location, tag name, and user name. It also helps you sort the posts according to the number of likes, number of comments, and upload time.

And, its advanced options let you filter the images so that you can exclude the negative posts. 

3. Stadget

Stadget is an Instagram widget for websites, which can be easily installed. Available for all common CMS systems, including WordPress, Joomla, and Typo3. 

It requires your username and the desired number of images to get the code, which is to be added to the backend of the Website. 

The customization features are pretty limited for Stadget. There are no attractive themes or templates available for the same.

4. ProPhoto

Designed for photographers, ProPhoto delivers a platform to create impressive visual-centric websites. It helps you make a custom website with a complete professional overlay. It lets you add multiple functionalities to your WordPress website.

It offers website layouts that are responsive to all screen sizes, let it be a mobile phone, desktop, or tablet, and also allows you to control its appearance for every screen size. 

ProPhoto lets you embed Instagram feed to your Website with customizable thumbnail grids. It is supportable with WooCommerce and several other plugins to make the website multi-functional.  

But it is built on the WordPress platform and is built for the same as well.

Leaving Out to You…

Embedding feeds from Instagram to Website holds a lot of potentials to make you your users’ favorite brand. More than just boosting the sales and conversions, it lets you build trust among your customers and potential customers. 

Take a step ahead to shake hands with the best tool to embed Instagram feed for your Website and see the stats changing to the positive side. 

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