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Exploring the USA: 7 Exotic Sights Inspiring For a Car Trip

For most travelers, a trip to the United States is associated with New York, Washington, Los Angeles, or Miami. The lights of cities, the brilliance of shop windows, internationality and the freedom of thought and speech are what attracts to this country.

However, this is not enough for those who like outdoor relaxation and associate their ideal holiday with visiting natural sights. Fortunately, America really has something to offer in this regard.

The country is known for its unique exotic places that are even able to inspire for a car trip. Why is a car trip? Because this is the only way to see all the most secret and beautiful in the USA. In addition, exotic rent a car at Omaha airport will be a great addition to your journey, and will help you fully enjoy the trip. A large selection of exotic rental cars is available at 14cars.com, where you can choose the best deal from all the companies available.

Still can’t choose a suitable vehicle? Then check out the list of the most exotic places in the USA, and you might want to go to them in a special car!

  1. Mono Lake

Mono Lake is one of the most picturesque and amazing places on our planet. If you want to understand the feelings of a person who has fallen on another planet – welcome to Mono Lake.

The lake is located among the mountains in the Eastern California mountain range. Its area is 150 square kilometers, and it reaches 43 meters in depth. It’s believed that Mono Lake belongs to the group of the oldest lakes on our planet.

Judging by the remains of volcanic ash, the lake was formed as a result of the strongest volcanic eruption. However, under a layer of ash deposits were found suggesting that Mono Lake is part of another, more ancient lake, the depth of which even during the Ice Age reached 270 meters.


  1. Anza-Borrego Desert Wildflowers

The border of the United States of America and Mexico runs through the California desert. This is the location of the second largest national park in the country, and it’s called Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Its territory is 2,400 square kilometers.

Anza Borrego is a lifeless desert most of the time. But after the rainy season, it’s fully covered with a huge number of flowers. People come to admire this amazing panorama and enjoy the delicate aroma from all over the world.


  1. Havasu Falls

The relief form of the Grand Canyon finally changed the flood of 1910. As a result, the amazing Havasu Falls appeared. It’s not distinguished by either height or grandeur, but has amazing attractiveness and magical beauty.

Havasu is 37 meters high. The width of the water flow doesn’t differ in special dimensions, but when flowing into a natural lake – the water acquires turquoise, blue-green and bright blue hues. Magnesium and calcium carbonate washed out of the rocks give the stream such a fantastic rainbow color.


  1. Grand Prismatic Spring

Grand Prismatic Spring is the largest hot spring in the Rocky Mountains of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. The water temperature reaches 90°C, and the iridescent color transitions from reddish yellow to green, as if passing light through a glass prism, gave the name to the reservoir. Somewhere in the depths of the earth there’s a mantle plume or a hot hearth.

From it, the heat rises up, as if from a heated stove, raising the temperature by 40-60°C every 100 meters of depth.


  1. Angel Oak

Already ten and a half centuries old Angel Oak is located in South Carolina. The tree is one of the oldest plants on the planet.

Its height is twenty meters, and the diameter of the trunk of the giant reaches almost three meters. The huge crown is spread over 1,600 square meters. The longest branch has the area of 27 square meters. Oak managed to survive a huge number of tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes. Hurricane Hugo inflicted severe damage to the tree in 1989, but fortunately it was recovered.


  1. Fly Geyser

If nature takes a human as the co-author of amazing creations, then quite unexpected results can be obtained. Fly Geyser is an example of just such collaboration. It’s hard to imagine that man will become a push for nature to create a real miracle, especially when it comes to such a spectacular sight.

The history of the geyser began in the twentieth century. Workers stumbled upon an underground lake while drilling the oil well and quickly stopped working. The hole remained, and after half a century, water with the help of a spectacular fountain came to the surface. Nature formed a land lake and the original cliffs along with terraces surrounding it.


  1. Hamilton Pool

The Hamilton Pool is located near Austin in Texas. It’s interesting that it’s neither underground nor ordinary pool. Access to the pool is terminated only during rain. Making bonfires, fishing and walking your pets in this place are prohibited there. But swimming in warm water, the temperature of which reaches almost 25°C degrees is allowed.

The Hamilton Pool was formed as a result of the collapse of the arch of an underground river about a thousand years ago. So a unique pond appeared, surrounded on all sides by visors from rocks with waterfalls flowing after rain. The popularity of the place has been growing since the 60s of the last century.