Fascinating Flowers Around The World

You can sense the giggles of nature through colorful and beautiful flowers. Blossoms express pure emotions and also aid in busting stress. Nevertheless, flowers are the most preferred gifts which are gifted to people on any occasion. Blooming plants can be widely categorized into two classes – exotic and endemic. Endemic is blossoms which can be cultivated only in a particular kind of geographical situations. While exotic ones are the unique flowers that are indigenous to a specific land, but when familiarized to a different ecosystem, they readjust and flourish. For their versatility, these exotic blossoms are in high demand and are used extensively in fancy flower arrangements and event decorations.


Tulips are a part of the lily family. The reputation of this blossom intimidates that of the roses. The name “tulip” came from a Persian word, which means turban. These round flowers are indigenous to the band extending from South Europe to Central Asia. They represent perfect love, endurance, abundance, prosperity, and royalty. In bouquets, bunches, and vase/box/basket arrangements – these blossoms are heart winners. An excellent option if you want to send flowers to Hyderabad.


This is among the most intriguing exotic blossoms around the world. It belongs to Argentina and Mexico. Anthuriums are famous wedding embellishment flowers and can also be spotted in basket arrangements. These blossoms are available in white, pink, and red colors and mainly represent abundance, happiness, and hospitality.

Bird of Paradise:

The original name of this flower is Strelitzia and is indigenous to South Africa. In South Africa, it is also popularly called Crane Flower and is present on their 50 cent coins. This striking and fanciful blossom represents freedom, magnificence, royalty, optimism, success, paradise on earth, and faithfulness. For an anniversary gift, you can go for this flower and receive them through online flower delivery in Gurgaon.


Indigenous to the East Mediterranean from the northern part of Palestine region through to the south of Turkey, this blossom represents sincerity. These flowers are available in white, purple, red, and yellow colors. This blossom frequently highlights the grace of blended floral arrangements.


This flower belongs to the equatorial lands like South Africa, the Caribbean, or islands in the Southern Seas. Still, these flowers can be discovered all around the world, except Antarctica. It is cultivated from bulbs, and every plant generates two to five 

blossoms, which bloom for an average duration of six weeks. This exclusive exotic blossom represents antiquity, pride, self-confidence, and strength.

Calla Lily:

This flower is indigenous to South Africa. In Christianity, it represents purity and faith. Also, it represents the innocence of youth, liveliness, overwhelming beauty, and rebirth. For embellishing homes during Christmas or Easter, this blossom is usually used.


This is the national flower of Vietnam and India. The scientific name of Lotus is Nelumbo nucifera, and the other names are Bean of India or Sacred Lotus. This flower has quite an extensive native allocation varying from Northern and Central India to Northern Indo-China and Eastern Asia with remote areas of the Caspian Sea. With the absence of this flower, Durga Puja is incomplete. Lotus represents enlightenment, purity, rebirth, and self-regeneration.


Utilized in various flower arrangements and cosmetics, orchids transmit a royal vibe. The word orchids came from the Greek word “Orchis,” meaning “testicle.” Because the plump tubers located below seem like testicles, orchids were first cultivated by the Chinese for more than 3000 years, and post 1600s trailblazers brought along orchids to Europe. By the 19th century, the hybrids of these flowers were cultivated. These blossoms are available in pink, red, blue, purple, yellow, white, and green colors. Orchids are extensively used in medicines, food, and perfumes.


Gardenias look a lot similar to roses, and the big radiant white petals secrete a soothing aroma. So you can take the help of your florist in Hyderabad in differentiating between the two. If you have these blossoms flourishing at your place, then, the aroma might travel to the next two doors also. It belongs to the Asian region and is usually found growing wild in China, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Myanmar, Japan, and India. These blossoms promote better sleep apart from representing love, innocence, protection, purity, and self-reflection.

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