Hallway Lighting: Tips To Illuminate Smaller Space At Home

hallway lights
The proper lighting is very important for all sections of our house, even your hallway. All experts say that a good lighting fixture can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your house. If you want to make your home visually appealing, then light every corner in your house.

You can use any type of lighting fixture but before that, you should consult a professional electrician Northern Beaches! It can be night light stand, pendant lighting or ambient lighting fixture. But, it is very difficult to light up a small space in your house just like hallways.

The hallways are narrow and create two issues when we want to light them up. First of all, the small floor space needs a special kind of lighting fixture. If you want to light up the hallway in such a way that the below-walking space is clearly visible, then you have to use mounted lighting fixtures.

The second problem created by hallway lighting is the outcome. The kind of result produced by the mounted lighting fixture in your hallway is another big concern. It is very important to thoroughly light up your hallway, otherwise, it will appear very confined.

Well, there is a solution to these two problems. As you want to light up the floor space to increase visibility and reduce the risk of falling down, therefore, you should choose downlighting fixtures. Along with downlights, there are various types of lights that can light up the hallways.

Also, you should also consider the installation of these fixtures at the right place to make your hallway beautiful and functional as well during the night. For optimum installation, you should take consult experts like electricians at Northern Beaches Sydney.

Read the following tips for optimum illumination in your hallway.

1. Pick The Right Lighting

The hallways are wide enough to provide a good space for one person to walk freely. Also, it can also accommodate one small table without creating any problem. If you want to make every inch of your hallway efficiently illuminated, then you should invest in ceiling mounted lights.

The ceiling lights are perfect to make your hallway inviting and perfectly glowing. If you want to install the ceiling lights at your home immediately, then call Northern BeachesĀ  Emergency electricians.

2. Pendant Lighting Fixture

If you want to bring a twist in your lighting system, then pendant lights are a perfect choice. It is recommended to pick the pendant lights that are really fantastic and eye-catching.

The pendant lighting fixtures not just illuminate the space during the night but also give a classy look to your hallways during day time. But, you should use these lights only if the ceiling is very high. Otherwise, the low hanging pendant lights can create claustrophobia

3. Wall Sconces

It is not necessary to pick ceiling mounted lighting fixtures. The wall scones can help in providing optimum lighting to your hallway. The wall scones are perfect because if any lighting fixture fails to work, you can easily replace it with a new one by just step a stool.

The wall scones lighting fixtures are good for wide space hallways because wall scones can throw an ample amount of lights.

4. Can Lighting Fixtures

There are various situations when picking up a simple lighting fixture can sometimes be the best solution. Can lighting is one of the best examples. You can use simple Can lighting for your hallways. These lighting fixtures are simple and therefore can easily match with the decor of any house.

5. Track Lights

Those who want to have customizable lighting must choose track lighting fixtures. This style is perfect for those who want to have modern decor in their houses.

6. Mixed Lighting System

You can leverage different styles of lighting fixtures. You can simply mix different styles to find the optimum way to light up your hallway. It is also important to place different lights strategically. For this, you can take the help of a qualified electrician in your area like electrical contractors at northern beaches.

7. Optimum Installation Of Lights

As you have chosen the right lighting fixture, therefore, you have to ensure you have required light in the narrower space – hallway.

Read the following tips that will help you to choose the right place for installation.

  • Install lighting fixtures every nine feet. If you have a small lighting fixture, then you can place it at small intervals of space.
  • Install one lighting fixture to either end.
  • The wall scones should be installed high on walls to catch the attention of people and make the hallways appear spacious
  • Also, make sure that there should be no dark spots by standing on both ends of the hallways.

Finally, you are ready to turn on the lights of your hallway and walk during the night without a fear of falling down. Also, make this space appealing to guests or home visitors.

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