How to Create VPS on a Dedicated Server – Ultimate Guide to Setup VPS

Ultimate Guide To Setup VPS

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is the chosen hosting solutions for small and medium-sized businesses these times.  

A virtual private server combines the advantages of a shared hosting server and a dedicated server and defeats the constraints imposed by both sorts of best cheap vps hosting.

You can install various applications of your the choice on the VPS server.

Select the operating system as per your requirement and reboot the server.

Nowadays, setup VPS on a dedicated server is in trend as the hosting provider exercising such unique techniques to grow business.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server) is a cost-effective virtualized server. A VPS hosting atmosphere imitates a dedicated server within a shared hosting atmosphere. 

  • It is the combination of both shared hosting and dedicated hosting.
  • It is an economical way for small businesses to have more flexibility and power than you get in a shared hosting environment. 
  • In the VPS server, you have full root access of your server, resource availability and your own operating system configuration.

Create VPS from Dedicated Server – Step-By-Step Guide

The dedicated server points to an independent physical server that is intended to feed to an individual user’s hosting demands.

  • Virtual Private Server is formed by utilizing the virtualization technology of a physical server.
  • This enables you to offer multiple Linux KVM VPS accounts to the users by sub-dividing a physical server. The benefit of this is you get the dedicated resources for each VPS account.
  • The following steps will help you to understand how to set up VPS server windows and how to install cPanel and create VPS on a dedicated server.

Now, let’s see how to create cheap VPS on a dedicated server:


The first step you need to consider is how many VPS on dedicated servers you want and create multiple VPS on dedicated server. You should understand how to configure VPS server and check the dedicated server configuration and specifications to confirm that if it has the required capacity to meet the demands of the virtual machines that you created.

You can able to create more than one VPS license install on a dedicated server as per requirement but it may affect the performance and speed if it gets burdened.

STEP #2  

The second step when you set up VPS on a dedicated server is to save your all data and applications of the existing dedicated server.


After you save data, you can progress with picking the most suitable Virtualization Software and installing the hypervisor on a dedicated server.

A hypervisor enables you to run various operating systems in virtual machines on a separate physical machine.


After the configuration and installation are done, boot the hypervisor console. Now you can scale or customize the RAM, CPU, storage, and memory according to business requirements.


After you complete all of the above steps, now you can proceed with the installation of any operating system considering the customer’s need.

It can be done by locating the image of the disk which is stored on a hard drive.


The next step is to install cPanel or Plesk on each VPS. You can choose other control panels also as per your buyer’s requirements.

You need to install the Billing System as well and operate respectively. WHMCS is the best and popular choice for billing software.


Repeat all the above-mentioned steps whenever you have to install any application on the virtual server.

Eventually, VPS setup on dedicated server and selling this distributed private server space on a dedicated server is a growing and popular to earn profits.

Things to consider when you create VPS on a dedicated server your own

It is essential to read and follow the below-given points when you set a VPS on a dedicated server:

  • You can’t utilise the complete space of dedicated server for creating a virtual private server, you will require this space for other operations also like backup file data and other application installations.
  • Two types of hypervisors are available one is open-source and the other one is paid. The paid option provides you more flexibility and scalability.
  • It is possible to transfer a virtual server from one dedicated server to another without any difficulty.
  • VPS server also requires dedicated IP as like dedicated server requires.
  • You would too need billing software so as automated billing solution WHMCS specially designed for cheap website hosting.

We wish you now understand how to create Linux VPS on a dedicated server. It is easier to install VPS on a dedicated server if you follow the complete guide.

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