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Sleep better at night 2020

Sleeping less than 7 hours per night is associated with increased risk for obesity, diabetes, Please don’t laugh at me. Now im going to write about an interesting topic. When you read out this post. you can improve better sleep You will be a little surprised and say, how funny. Its a silly thing but very easy and possible to practice english writing about this. Ok, i don’t want to prolong my introduction. I will write about pillow. Haha,,ohh man you are. smiling! Lets go to hear a short story about pillow. Pillow is known and familiar to all. Who haven’t know about pillow. Pillow is very important tool in our daily life. You can find best pillow in here- Sleeping Pillow Review

We use this valuable tool everytime when go to bed. It helps our neck from back pain. It gives us so much comfort in sleeping time. Pillow is in several colours. Everyone likes bright colour’s pillow. Somebody likes flat pillow and somebody chubby pillow. Without pillow sleep is not sound and comfort. There are genarally two kinds of pillow. One is normal billow and another is side-pillow. Side pillow ensures comfort. It looks round and a Little long than ordinary pillow. We lean on the side pillow at sleeping time. It boosts our comfort. Friends, i was not getting which topics i could write about. Then a ring rang in my head. I could write about pillow which is important tool in my daily life when go to bed. Not only me but also to anyone pillow is important tool. Thanks to my friend pillow. I was able to write an interesting post because of you.Do not sweat for success today, tomorrow will be the tears of water for failure. Fate is not written on the forehead, fate is written in drowsiness towards the forehead. Today, if you do not sweat sweat with sweat, one day you will have to burn the pillow in the dark in the eyes of the failure of irritation. The time you spend doing this today, the time of the funeral will be back in your life. With the help of a toothache, start forgetting all the world’s problems. Do not stop if you are tired, do not stop, if you are frustrated, stop the day that will be successful. The only thing – either sweat or tears, What are you doing now guys? Now i’m seating on mine bed and write this post. Now i’m facing little bit headache. But no problem Alhamdulillah it’s problem maybe some time later reduce InSa-Allah. Guys what’s about your practices conditions here? I hope that’s your practices conditions very well. Because maximum group mates very active parsons.They’re writing here everyday lots of post, write more number comment, better sleep video uploaded some speaking practise video. Their activity really amazing and gave us inspiration to practising here regularly. Now our countries running season is winter. This year we are face so much cold weather. So warm clothes very important for us for protect us extra cold temperature. Generally we are using blanket, quilt, Nakshi Kantha. So guys now i will write here Nakshi Kantha related topic.

Nakshi Kantha:

It’s our traditional kantha. Lots of female workers sewing it very carefully. They’re using different types of colours fabrics for sewing this kantha. Firstly they’re selected comfortable fabrics or clothes. Then they’re draw different types design on this kantha. Then they’re sewing it to using different colour Yarn. It’s chosen depends to their wish. nakshi kantha is best in bangladesh.

It’s very long process. Long day they’re sewing it with their patience. So It’s very expensive products and also very comfortable products in our country. Our countries most famous poet Jasimuddin write his most of famous story book, ” Nakshi Kantha Math (field). This book story really so sad. Hey my intellectual comrades for your welfare i have uploaded a caption above which will be mine present matter of writing? isn’t it clear?let me do vivid it.these imoji indictes Aifel tower.Is this name equivocal to you?it’s the highest tower in this temporary universe. More than one hundred fifty years ago One person built it.it’s established in Paris, the capital of France. It’s decorated very nicely.it’s delighted for its various characteristics..Spectator eagerfull to come here mammoth ways.Aifel tower looks so gorgeous when evening started. i saw the night scene of it from online through Internet. i have a substantial desire to visit there.May almighty approved my wishes.
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