Some essential benefits of using an inclined bed wedge

One of the most innovative advances made in the world of sleep technology is the use of inclined bed wedges. These inclinations are helpful for several reasons and they can assist a person, suffering from sleep disorder, to have a good night’s sleep. There are various reasons for which a person can have sleeping disorders, like acid reflux symptoms, insomnia, work pressure, congested trachea, and breathing difficulties and so on. By using an inclined mattress wedge, a lot of these problems can be effectively solved. In this article, you will learn about some of the benefits of using inclined bed wedges.

What will the inclined bed wedge do?

The inclined bed wedge will raise your whole upper body in gradual steps to about four or six inches. This will be important as generally, the common mattresses do not allow you to sleep in an inclined position and this can worsen your acid reflux tendencies because your chest has not been raised. By using an incline mattress, you will be getting these benefits:

  1. Gradual inclination in your upper body from your waist to your head: This inclination will allow your whole upper body to get stretched out in the entirety of its length and prevent the shortening of your abdomen. This will provide your digestive organs with sufficient space to function properly. Your acid reflux problems would not occur so randomly if gravity is acting down on your stomach and preventing its contents from coming up when you sleep.
  2. The incline mattress will allow you to use normal bed sheets, blankets, linens, bed spreads and pillows. You will be making your bed in the usual manner and the mattress wedge would only be tucked underneath and it will cause no interference. Adjustable bed wedges come in several sizes and you should choose one according to your preference.
  3. When you want to get relief from acid reflux then you can adjust your mattress wedge to a specific angle with your existing mattress also and not buy a brand new bed. Mattress wedges work with several types of mattresses like spring or foam mattress.
  4. Adjustable mattress wedges also help people who suffer from chronic indigestion problems. It helps to reduce your snoring and improve your sinus drainage and thereby improve your breathing. It helps you to keep away Barret’s Oesophagus and Heartburn diseases.
  5. It can support a lot of weight and easily hold around five hundred kilograms or a thousand pounds of weight. No matter what the size of your mattress is, the wedge will be able to support it and your body weight.

Getting an incline mattress wedge will be highly beneficial for you if you suffer from acid reflux and chronic indigestion and you will be able to get a good night’s sleep. Sleep is an essential component of your overall health and you must ensure that you do everything to have a peaceful sleeping experience. Hopefully, you will get an inclined mattress.

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