Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools for business in 2020

Digital marketers spend a lot of time in various activities which increases their time to implement the strategy. By using free digital marketing tools, marketers can improve their productivity. There are many marketing tools available in the market, and many more that are added every day. With an increase in marketing plans and a decrease in marketing budget, choosing a suitable digital marketing tool becomes a challenge. Isn’t it prominent if you get this tool for free? Yes, you heard it correct! There are numerous online marketing tools that are free. Therefore, without wasting time, stack these devices for yourself.

10 Best Digital Marketing Tools For Business

  1. SeMRush
  2. Linkable
  3. Crowdfire
  4. Fresh Marketer
  5. Thrive Theme
  6. Canva
  7. Social Pilot
  8. Ninja Outreach
  9. Envato Elements
  10. Ubersuggest

There are several other Digital Marketing tools available, but in this blog I have listed the most well-known ones. Lots of companies are available to help you to get a better position in the internet. All those companies use these digital marketing tools to help you in this case. Many of them are claiming that they will boost your position in very stipulated time period. If you are seeking Digital Marketing Services in Lucknow, then your search is finally over. The strategies that we follow are entirelly unique & latest according to google update, thus there is huge possibility that you will get rank better. Further proceed ahead, to know about the comprehensive details of each of the above mentioned tools.

  1. SeMRush

The greatest digital marketing tool is getting better for year 2020, with the latest feature of automatic SEO (Search engine optimization) Writing Assistance AI engine which recommends LSI keyword for the targeted keywords and article. This Writing assistance is going to play a key role for SEO strategies & content marketing and all in all to run an effective marketing campaigns for 2020. SEMrush is among the best digital marketing platforms which comprise keyword research, gap analysis, organic research, social media marketing tools and lots more.

  1. Linkable

Backlinks being the fundamental science to improve domain authority and rank # 1 on Google. Now, we work hard for outreach and PR to get backlinks. Linkable outreach and PR is the best option for that serious work. In this digital marketing platform, you can hire a high quality writer / publisher, who can write for you in various websites in your niche and get you a backlink. This helps you create an incredibly high quality backlinks to drive traffic to your domain. And of course high quality backlinks mean a sustainable development, startups should not think too much about money outside of their marketing budget, they should do just that.

  1. Crowdfire

Social media marketer 2020’s favorite social media management platform, Crowdfair. They are bringing many new features to help you do great social media marketing. Curate and forget, Crowdfire will set your post on fire via its algorithm at the right time.

  1. Fresh Marketer

2020 is the year of Automation & AI. Freshwork offers, the best marketing funnel automation platform: Fresh Market. It helps to have a seamless look with CRM and sales funnels from end to end of the marketing life cycle. It also helps track the map and customer journey so that you can offer the next level of personalization.

  1. Thrive Theme

A good tool for your business must be simple and not take away from your energy & time. Thrive Architect is the visual page builder that is built from the ground up for conversion & business focused websites. And because we know these businessmen are busy, Thrive Architect is built with an obsessive focus on being as fast as feasible to use. We’ve removed every feasible barrier between the business idea in your head and a professional presence of that business on your website.

  1. Canva

We know that startups spent a lot of money in marketing and sales. What if we show you a way to save some money from marketing budget. Canva can help you save time and money invested on a graphic designer. Empower your social media marketing with first class graphics from Canva pro.

  1. Social Pilot

Social media marketing is an art of getting the right content to the right place at the right time. Only the right management of all these paints a profitable picture. Don’t miss the chance to have your say on the city, Social Pilot helps in scheduling social media posts altogether.

  1. Ninja Outreach

Influencer marketing and blogger outreach will be a top priority for this year 2020 as a digital marketer or growth hack for growth hackers. Outreach is already hell of work specifically for startup marketing, right? Is not it? You know the truth. Ninja Outreach helps you build a heavy and natural PR to kick off your increased hacking strategy.

  1. Envato Elements

2019 is the year of video marketing, with 2020 will receive more videos than before, as a report claimed that by 2021, 81% of Internet traffic will transfer to video content. Now, if you want to develop, video marketing is a thing either way. Get stock video to start, without having to invest on camera or studio to shoot from scratch. Envato elements also allow you download infinite digital assents for simply under 10USD/m.

  1. UberSuggest

Ubersuggest is providing free tracking / keyword monitoring on the go for targeted keywords for Ubersuggest domains. This device is one of the best digital market leaders, so you can know how accurate is the Ubersuggest cab?


That’s all folks, these are the top ten digital marketing tools for 2020. If you think we missed out something here, then don’t hesitate to post your opinion in the comment section.

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