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Top 18 Best Video Creation Software Online

Who doesn’t want to avail such an amazing opportunity to get a video created online within no time? Well, I believe that using such online video creation software can bring more creativity in you and you can get aware of different tools as well. 

Modern companies are changing the approach to positioning. If the question is to create just a video presentation, such software will help you. If you need to create a graphic bright and colorful presentation tool, count on online services that will help to create a presentation in a short time with professional qualities and skills. 

I found 18 free video creators and editors. It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money to buy professional programs for video creating and editing. But, in order to bring professionalism in a video, it is recommended to look for experts for hire. 

Use online or download one of them and start creating your own videos.

DaVinci Resolve. 

With the free DaVinci Resolve video editor software, you can process videos using the advanced technology that Hollywood works with.


The free Shotcut video editor will help you cut the video, add various effects to it and convert the video file to the format you need.

Windows Movie Maker 2012. 

With a free tool from Microsoft, you can slice, voice and structure your digital videos. Unfortunately, developers no longer release updates for the program.


This is a whole free studio for recording, processing and playing audio files, which is ideal for editing audio video tracks.


A free program that allows you to apply effects, trim and cut fragments from music files without loss of quality. Using other tools, you can add audio tracks processed in mp3DirectCut to your video clips.

Free Video Editor. 

The free program Free Video Editor allows you to convert videos to many popular formats, including AVI, DivX, XviD, MPG, MP4, M4V and FLV.

Free Video to MP3 Converter. 

With the simple Free Video to MP3 Converter tool, you can extract music from any video and save it in MP3 format.


The program will help to normalize or increase the volume of MP3 files without loss of quality, as well as synchronize sound in multiple recordings with one click. Thanks to MP3Gain, your videos will get great sound.

Magix Music Maker 2017. 

With this application you can create your own songs, remixes and rhythms for your videos without any special knowledge.

Avidemux (64 Bit). 

This is the 64-bit version of the free Avidemux video editor with many features.

GoPro (GoPro Desktop or GoPro Studio). 

Using the GoPro QUIK Desktop program, you can process the video and update the firmware of your action camera to the latest version.

VSDC Free VIDEO Editor

This program has a large number of functions and is an excellent video creator and editor for Windows. It will help to process and crop the video at a professional level, as well as offer many additional features for a fee.


With the help of this editor program, so many cool Hollywood blockbusters were so equably mounted. And now it can be downloaded for free.


This is a 64-bit version of the free VirtualDub program that allows you to record and edit videos. With all its capabilities, this program is suitable even for professional video editing.


With this application, you can easily change the pitch of the WAV files for your videos.

HitFilm Express 2017

Another free program for creating video that allows you to trim, voice and optimize the video.


It is unlikely that any collection contains so many codecs. Freeware MKVToolnix is the perfect editor for the many formats.


With the free MediaJoin tool, you can combine different music tracks or videos into one file.

A good video editing program is very important, but you will also need a great skills. These online service will allow you to make a pleasant video presentation in about an hour and a half even without the knowledge of the designer, as those software have hundreds of templates and sketches. The most interesting thing is that all created presentations will be available online anywhere in the world and you can present them to your boss or client wherever you are.