TheOneSpy is one of the popular and famous spy software which has multiple options and tools which enable you to spy and monitor various devices. It is great software with great compatibility with Blackberry, Android, and iPhone. This can help you get the pure truth with just one tap of your finger on your device.

TOS comes with the most versatile and numerous amounts of features that will allow you to level up your spying techniques. The following basic and very useful features it includes are:

Call logs

This option not only gives access to the call log of monitored devices but also enables you to listen and record the calls of the monitored device. It is a very advanced option that TOS offers.

Control of web browsing

This software allows you to see what web pages have been browsed on the monitored device. It also gives you the liberty of certain websites that you disapprove of. Along with that, you can access the history of browsing as well.

GPS location

It is one of the most useful features of this software. You can check the location of the monitored device and know about the whereabouts of its user. It is very helpful in tracking your young kids, old grandparents who may have memory problems and even helps you to check on your employees if they are absent from the work.

Remote control option

This feature makes you the master of the monitored device. You can simply activate the microphone and camera of the other device through your software and actually have live visuals of their surroundings and listen to sounds as well. Above all, you can turn on, off, restart or remove contents from the device that you are spying on.

Manage the monitored device

This software also allows you to access the phone gallery. You can check on the media gallery or phone contacts. You can see its contents and also have the power of removing any content that you do not want there.

Spy on Messages

You can get to read all kinds of Texts. Whether they are SMS, emails, MMS or texts on any other messengers on the device you are spying. This will give you a clear idea about what is the truth and what is the lie.

Control the Social Media

This advanced feature of TheOneSpy will allow you to read or delete the data of social media as well. This software can be used to access Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, KIK, Viber, Skype, SnapChat, and many other social media sites. This has helped many parents to keep a good check on their children’s company.

Take cares of your anonymity

This software takes care of your anonymity. The user of the monitored device will never know that you have been spying on them and maintain your secrecy.


Get remotely screenshots of all the activities performed by the user on the smartphone. Users can get screenshots of social media, shared media files and all the other activities happen on the cell phone screen within no time.

Live screen recording

You can use live screen recording of the cell phone spy app. it empowers the user to do a live screen recording of all the trendy social messaging apps, SMS live screen recording, password chaser, chrome screen recording, and YouTube live screen recording.

TOS spy 360

It provides users a 360-degree monitoring option. You can use all the three sub-tools of spy 360. It allows the user to record and listen to the surrounds and conversations happen on the phone. Furthermore, you can view live visuals of videos of the surround through live camera streaming by hacking the camera of the phone. However, you can share the live screen into the online control panel of TOS by using the live screen sharing of spy 360.


TheOneSpy software is a great way of protecting your child from dangers of the world, it will also help you to keep a check on your employees as well and also if you have old age family members with memory issues, you can protect them from getting lost. It is also one of the cheapest apps with tremendous amounts of tools and features. It comes with numerous amounts of benefits and helps you in various life situations.