Benefits of ReactJS: Top 20 Reasons to Choose It

Reach.JS has lately been getting a lot of recognition. But what exactly is ReactJS? For building a community for friendly user interface ReactJS is a big JavaScript Library. This helpful software has been labeled as a bestseller. 

ReachJS is used by some of the most popular social media companies and communities. ReachJS is a library of JavaScript which along with a huge community is maintained along with Facebook. ReachJS is used by many popular companies such as Netflix, Apple, Paypal, and other 32 thousand websites over the Internet that are built using the ReachJS Framework. There are many benefits if one chooses ReactJS.

ReactJS is quite optimum for getting a quick recording when data is changed. It is a quite powerful library that works through the SSR or server-side rendering. React is a library (frontend) that runs smoothly on the browser. 

Let us discuss some advantages of using ReactJS and how it can be beneficial to the users.

  1. Makes the writing process and all the components easier: As already mentioned above JSX is an optional syntax extension that makes writing the components easier. This syntax accepts the HTML data and quoting and helps to render it easily. JSX can prove to be a helpful tool in building high-quality apps, custom-made components, removing the typos and making the data format to convert easily into ReachElement structure trees from HTMLmockups. 
  2. It helps to boost productivity and make the maintenance procedure easy: If software and applications keep updating regularly this can be quite troublesome for its users. This mostly happens because of the complex logic and when the components change and affect the other applications connected. It is a common thing between designers to make use of their assets again. You can categorize all your assets and move accordingly. Now all these components or data have their internal logic making it an easy task to manipulate it. 
  3. Simple and easy to learn: When compared to other JavaScript frameworks or libraries, ReactJS is not complex but quite straightforward in its use. It is not difficult to understand. The users can easily develop and utilize the functions and combine their data with HTML through the syntaxes. 
  4. A various array of options, tools, and capacities for use: With ReactJS in use, developers can work on a modem JSX as well as a JavaScript. This helps to put the HTML codes in use and gives the developers a chance for boosting up the productivity of their services.
  5. The components can be used again: ReactJS has a huge advantage that after use it can be combined up and used again by the user. If one needs, they can integrate two or more components making it up into a single complex unit and use it more for any further use even in the future (and that too more than once).
  6. Search Engine Optimization: Those who have websites and frequently put up their content related to the website, will know that Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a key element for your content to be visible to the world. JSX or ReactJS have their connections favoring the SPA context in terms of SEO. If you need a proper index to be made when searching up the content in Search engines then one needs to have an easy go on the pages. ReactJS makes use of virtual DOM to render the data on the web pages.
  7. Web development with ReactJS: The work and data combining for web development become easier with ReactJS. The framework can prove to be a very helpful tool to build up an application for any scale or size. With ReactJS development of web pages and managing all the content becomes an easy task. As mentioned already, it is believed that as much as 45% of companies use ReactJS.
  8. Developing Mobile Applications: We have talked quite a lot about web development, and how ReactJS can prove to be a great help. ReactJS not only helps in web development but the framework can also help in developing apps for popular platforms such as iOS and Android.
  9. The simple and one-way flow of data: With ReactJS you can enable the data flow robustly. Here, the values can be passed and the components and data are rendered in the form of properties inside the tags while writing HTML codes. Though the user might not be able to change the assets or access the components directly if one can pass a call, the work is all done!
  10. Binding the data and using up codes again: As already discussed, with the help of ReactJS one can develop a web app on Android or iOS. This is done with the help of binding the data on one side. Android web app development through ReactJS supports the reuse of the codes. The binding up the data and reusability of the codes can prove to be helpful tasks in the flow of the data from a single point and be helpful for the developers. 
  11. Not risky: If one uses the library, they can do it without any hindrance as combining won’t affect you at all. ReactJS uses an amazing collection of codebases and can be mixed easily with the projects.
  12. Always updated: The developers of Facebook work up ReactJS and always keep the community delighted with their constant updates along with recommendations and code samples.
  13. Web Development is responsive: The framework of the system works smoothly with the apps and optimizes the functions causing the data to load. This is a huge requirement during web development in ReactJS.
  14. Stable codes are guaranteed: ReactJS has a one way downward flow of data. Change in an object, Modification in the state, and other changes in the components will be updated.
  15. Has strong support: Because of strong background support by the Facebook community, ReactJS can be used without any problem by the world. Users can ask their questions and there are over 1100 contributors to help.
  16. No speck of doubt: ReactJS can prove to be quite fruitful for your company especially in terms and usage of web and app development. There are over 500 reputed companies and a vast range of start-ups that use ReactJS. With so many companies using ReactJS one cannot doubt over its use.
  17. The best toolset for developers: ReactJS can be a great tool for developers working on web development. If one knows how to make use of the technologies for their projects then the debugging and a combination of designing tools of ReactJS can prove to be a great help.
  18. React Native when working for web development and mobile apps: With the right use of ReactJS and JavaScript, one can bring the use of their knowledge and create great quality apps for both iOS and Android.
  19. Fast rendering of data: If the data that you are working on for a mobile app has a huge load it can affect the performance and structure. Even if you bring in use of amazing and well-developed platforms you cannot pass the Virtual DOM. The virtual Document object model is like a tree structure and even a tiny change can cause huge damage. But with Virtual DOM by Facebook, this problem can be solved.
  20. High speed and great comfort: The speed is a great advantage to the client as the users can come and bring changes in the design and there won’t be a need to rewrite the logic. 
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