How To embed Yelp Reviews Widget On Your Website

Yelp is a public review-based website. It allows existing users to post their reviews and ratings about local businesses publicly. These reviews and ratings can help new users to know about the local businesses before they decide to go for them. Yelp enables every person who has used your products or services to post a review online unlike other r

eview websites that let you post reviews if you follow that brand or business. You can use Yelp for creating social proof for your brand or business. It can boost your public presence and also motivate new people to experience your products and services.

In a recent study, it was discovered that 92% of customers check online reviews before deciding to go ahead with a product or service. If you run a small business, the biggest obstacle for you is to convince new customers that their experience with you will overpower the experience with your competitors. So, Yelp can be a very beneficial marketing tool for your business.

Reasons for embedding Yelp Reviews Widget on your website:

1. Nobody wants their website visitors to switch to their competitor’s website, you want them to stay on your website. Including a review will allow them to access first-hand information about your business. This will give you an edge over your competitors, and the visitors might stay and make a purchase. 

2. It increases the trust factor for your business. By embedding a review widget on your website, you initiate transparency for your website visitors. Studies show that people appreciate the businesses that display everything about their business more than those who don’t. This will let them access all reviews and ratings, building more trust for the brand.

3. It will help your website visitors to engage more with your website giving them more time to explore to go through your products and services. This will increase their dwell time and chances to go ahead and make a purchase from the website.

4. With this feature, you can allow your existing users to go ahead and display their reviews and ratings directly on the website. This will not only let them tell you what they love but also what they think you can improve. This way you can take their feedback through your website. By doing this, their loyalty towards the business will increase.

5. People love it when their feedback is acted upon. This is one of the most valuable benefits you will be extracting from the Yelp review widget. You have an excellent opportunity for improving your user experience with the help of the reviews you receive. This will increase the brand value resulting in higher business.

How to embed the Yelp Reviews Widget on your website?

There are a few ways to embed Yelp Reviews widget to your website:


  • Taggbox


Taggbox is a social media aggregator tool that helps you create a unified presentation for all your social media platforms. It pulls content using particular hashtags or accounts for the creation of one single wall consisting of all your social media platforms in one place. You can easily embed that wall on your website. Taggbox lets you an embed generate code that you have to paste on your website. It also provides you with unbelievable features like:

  • Moderation Panel to filter the content
  • Personalize Panel for designing your wall 
  • Analytics Feature to track your performance
  • Profanity Filter
  • Auto Updation


  • Review Embed


Review Embed is a tool that helps you display your reviews on your website from various social media platforms such as Facebook, Yelp and Google. It gathers all the reviews through your account handle or brand name and effortlessly displays them. You can also choose from multiple templates to display your reviews in real-time with the auto-update feature. It is a great way to display your reviews.


  • helps to engage your audience by strong media embeds. You can easily embed your user reviews with provide you with many features to make your embedded reviews look better and dynamic.


  • Yelp Embedding Tool


Yelp itself also allows you to embed reviews on your website. It can be done with some basic steps like generating code and then pasting it to your website code. One major drawback of using this tool is that it only allows you to embed one review at a time. This makes it very time-consuming if one wants to integrate many reviews.

Employ the Power of Customer Reviews 

With growing businesses in the market, it gets very tricky to distinguish your business from others. Yelp is the ideal way to do so. Adding customer reviews to your website can add a personal touch to your business website, giving you an upper hand. It can also enhance user engagement and the brand value of your business.

Along with this, the constant need of people to check reviews before trying a new product and service will also be fulfilled. So wait no more! Add Yelp Review Widget to your website immediately. 

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