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10 Must-know Facts About Taxi App Development


The development of mobile applications for taxi booking has created significant revolutions in the travel and tourism industry. However, if you intend to stay ahead of the cut-throat competition in the industry, then you have to create a taxi app in such a way that it fits all the growing requirements of the business. It is also vital to ensure the safety of the commuters. Thus, there is a lot that needs to be known and addressed by taxi app developers to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and to leverage the taxi apps to the best possible extent. 

If you are interested in developing a mobile application for taxi booking or planning to get it developed by someone, here is the list of the must-know facts about taxi app development for you. 

Market trends

Any industry will go through a series of evolutionary changes. So, it is essential to understand the various trends in the market and stay on par with them, to prevent obsolescence. It is also wise to be aware of the intensity of competition in the industry and the factors that influence them. Do enough market research to know what is going on around you in the industry. This will help you devise appropriate strategies that could uplift your business value. 

Availability and conditions of the vehicle 

With a growing business, comes additional challenges. So, it’s better if you are well prepared to fight back those challenges. For instance, repeated ‘No cabs available’ messages might discourage the users grossly, thereby affecting the retention rate. In addition, a good vehicle is a prerequisite to start up a taxi business. The vehicle should be in good working conditions and should be comfortable to ride. The quality of service provided is the key to the success of a business. 

User Interface

A user interface is nothing but the point of contact between the user and the device. All information goes into the device and comes out with the help of a user interface. So, it is yet another important criterion. The app should be self-explanatory. An ideal user interface should be responsive, attractive, as well as efficient. This ensures ease of accessibility, which, in turn, maximizes the users’ satisfaction. Besides, the app should be cross-platform compatible. 

Novelty in ideas

As a matter of fact, there are numerous mobile applications in the market with varied, exciting features. So how do you make your app unique? Yes, you guessed it right! Avoid taking the same path over and over again. Take efforts to try out new things. Brainstorming will help significantly in generating novel ideas. Besides, the idea should be practicable too. You should be more careful when it comes to Whitelabel taxi app development. What is the point if your app does precisely the same thing that another app does? 

Updates and Notifications

Users need to be informed regularly about what is going on with their taxi booking, including the whereabouts of the taxi, the estimated time of arrival, possible routes of travel, information about the driver, etc. Any delays in the arrival of the taxi should also be notified to the users. This helps them make suitable plans beforehand. Integrating in-app messaging and push-notification features in the mobile application is the best way to keep users on the same page as the drivers. Users should also be able to place calls in the app. 

Safety of the commuters

It is of undebatable importance to make the customers feel safe during the ride. This also improves the User Retention Rate. The tracking of the vehicle should be made possible. This will create a sense of safety among the commuters. They should be able to share the location of the vehicle, drivers’ details, and the vehicle details in real-time. This will prevent any mishaps. Moreover, with such safety measures intact, getting help ICE (in case of emergencies) will be quicker and easier. 

GPS tracking 

The real-time tracking of live location with the help of a Global Positioning System (GPS) is one of the essential features of a taxi booking app. It should be possible for the users to track the location of the vehicle that they had booked in real-time. Also, live GPS tracking will help the drivers to know where their customers are and to plan the routes accordingly. 

Methods of payment

With the world going digital, financial transactions are being made online. However, this increases the risk of safety. To overcome such shortfalls, it is wise to integrate multiple secured payment gateways for both fiat money as well as cryptocurrency. This ensures safe and fast transactions. Some popular payment gateways include hosted payment gateways, self-hosted payment gateways, API hosted payment gateways, and local banks integration.  Above all, you must maintain the confidentiality of the users’ data. Any cases of data breaching will be considered as a crime, and you will be penalized for your wrong actions, even if it happened without your consent. 

Management of drivers

The role of drivers is significant not only in the safety of the commuters but also in the progress of the business. So, it is not to be forgotten that the app should be driver-friendly. Avoid adding too many complicated features in your app. Make it as compact and straightforward as possible to gain more impact. Again, the app should be self-explanatory. The customers should be able to handle the app, even without any in-depth technical knowledge. 

Legal compliance

It is mandatory for a business to be compliant with the rules and regulations imposed by the government. Make sure to possess the required licenses and insurances to avoid any legal issues and complications. Also, bear in mind that these legislations vary based on geographic locations. Something that is banned in one country might be legal in the other and vice versa. 


Keep the aforementioned pointers in mind before taking a plunge into taxi booking app development. You could also get some professional help in getting an app developed for your taxi business. Approach a mobile app development company and get to know about the services offered by them. Check whether they have the potential to meet all your growing business requirements. The moment you feel it is the right company to partner with, have a word with the developers before the initiation of the project and give them a detailed explanation about what you expect the app to do. This will prevent any communication gaps.