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The Success of the Amazon Empire is through Taking the Unconventional Route

Jeff Bezos is new entrepreneurs who have made a mark with their vision. He has turned Amazon into one of the world’s most innovative companies.  But the success wasn’t easy; there were many hurdles across the journey just like any other company.

Amazon is a technology company based in the US and one of the largest conglomerates in the world. If you think, if you want to know more about jeff bezos leadership style, this blog post will help you get to your goal. Check out the top 5 aspects in this concern so that you can have an idea of how he has amassed that much health a business empire.

Hire the Top Talent

A good start for any company is necessary for a great future ahead. And that’s why companies need to think about hiring top talent. But if every company will go after the toppers, fresh out of college, or the most successful people in the business, then what will happen? Amazon has the answer to this. Because they are in such a commanding position, the top talent looks towards Amazon and other Fortune 500 companies to make the next career move.

The hiring of Christine Beauchamp, who worked for Ralph Lauren as its brand president, as president of Amazon Fashion, was a masterstroke by Jeff Bezos as the decision clicked. While not every company can command such a hiring policy, this is what can make a company stand apart in the competition and certainly paid off for Amazon.

Give Employees the Breathing Space

After hiring the best talent, if any company would not be able to give that resource a breathing space to show off their creativity, then there is no use of giving them the opportunity in the first place. And Jeff Bezos was aware of this fact for a long time. A new project is always like a gamble, as in spite of everything in its favor, anything can go wrong, like a financial meltdown, and everything can go down the drain.

If an employee, especially in a senior position, is not given space to show off his talent, it can make him feel frustrated that his talent is not being used to the optimum. Don’t make such a mistake as this is akin to committing professional suicide. Follow the footsteps of Bezos by not cutting the wings of employees and let them fly high. In the end, this will be beneficial for the company too. s

Focus on Customers

We all know that the focus on customers is important for any company. But you will be amazed to know about how much emphasis Amazon put in this aspect. This is one of the reasons why they have become such a huge company and a highly successful one. Amazon Prime is one of the services which took the marketplace in the US by storm and offered great benefits to its customers, including one-day delivery which was unheard of.

Through focusing on customers, Amazon can build this huge empire as they don’t look into what their competitors are doing. And they don’t need to as they take perfect care of their customers so that they don’t have to bother about their competitors anymore. And their past performance is a testament to this fact.

Never be Afraid of Experimenting

If you think that taking risks always bring bad or unfavorable results, you need to read this section carefully as it will bust some myths you have been following. In the business world, there are many aspects that you need to understand and taking risks is one of them. I am not asking you to invest a million dollars on a new startup whose idea looks promising. Without analyzing the startup and the idea, it can be

Taking calculated risks is the answer, and Amazon is a great example. His famous quote is about “doubling the experiments each year so that it can double your inventiveness.” If you think deeply about this and when applying this, you will be amazed to see the positive results. In the new decade and beyond, you need to take the unconventional route to success and taking risks, especially calculated ones, is one way to do it.

Make a Mark in the Industry and Across the Globe

Well, to be honest, this is not easy for most of us. I am sure that many small business owners must be reading this and thinking about getting a jeff bezos leadership style tool to manage their daily operations rather than rule the world one day. But give me an honest reply; haven’t you thought about making it big in your industry someday. Or earning huge profits in a single year. This all translates to insane success and that’s what we can learn from Jeff Bezos.

Just look at successful projects and companies that Jeff Bezos has acquired over the past several years. Surely, he has the money in the bank so that he can buy whatever he feels like, but not everything is for sale. And there are examples where companies have rejected big offers. Snapchat resisted big offers by Google and Amazon, up to 30 billion dollars in cash and stock value.

Jeff Bezos’s knowledge about the industry is one factor that has made his decision-making spot on. Surely, it will take years for a company or top management to come up with that kind of knowledge. But if you want to register your name in the history books, this is one of the basic requirements. According to Bezos, “work hard, have fun and make history” is the mantra for success. Surely a lot of knowledge and experience to go will offer you a lot of good.

Over to you

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