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Tips For Writing A Tech Tutorial Effectively & Interestingly

Just like how makeup tutorials and gaming tutorials exist, there are tech tutorials as well. Are you tired of your Photoshop CC crashing continuously and you not knowing how to solve this problem? Or are you fed up with having to go to a repair shop every time the computer starts acting up?

This is when tech tutorials act as a source of guidance. If you’re not a viewer but an experienced technologist who knows their way around devices and their functioning, looking to write a tech tutorial, then it is to be made sure that it’s interesting and helpful for the viewer. For this purpose, here are a few tips to succeed in this task.

Table of Contents

What Is A Tech Tutorial?.

  1. Select An Engaging Topic.
  2. Being Simple Will Do The Trick.
  3. Use An Organized Structure.
  4. Continued Support Is What We Are Looking For.


What Is A Tech Tutorial?

We’re not diving into the complex world of technology just yet, and so, let’s learn about what tech tutorials really are. Tech Tutorials are a guide for all those people who need assistance in solving their computer problems and learning more about new technologies and how to use them in the best way possible.

Tech Tutorials can either be filmed or written. And if you’re looking to write a tech tutorial yourself, be sure to follow the tips mentioned below, in order to make the tutorial knowledgeable.


1.       Select An Engaging Topic.

The topic of the Tech Tutorial should be something the writer has extensive knowledge about. The more information you have, the more helpful it becomes for the reader. The topic that you choose should also be related to what is trending or in the highlights in the technological world. Just like how British essay writers UK would probably provide guidance on how to write an engaging and interesting essay, tech tutorials do the same with technological products.

For instance, how to use Alexa. Alexa is a virtual assistant developed by the leading online retailer; Amazon. It is very likely that people buy this VA to show their friends they have the famous Alexa performing their tasks for them. Although, all your money and intentions to show off this gadget will go to waste if you don’t’ know how to use it.

That’s when tech tutorials come in. There are several tech tutorials that provide a step-by-step guide to operate Alexa. Just read step 1, move to the next, read step 2, move to the next, and so on. As for the person writing this tutorial, they need to have perfect knowledge about the entire product, but most importantly, they should know how to convey that knowledge in simple and easy-to-understand language for the reader. Which brings us to the next tip, being clear and concise.

2.       Being Simple Will Do The Trick.

It is very easy to think that what you understood, the person reading will also understand it in the same way. This is not the case. When writing an effective tech tutorial, a 12-year-old student should be able to understand it as much as an adult would. The trick is to make tutorials about even the most complex devices appear uncomplicated.

Tech Tutorials have the purpose of relaying information about the usage of the gadget/machine and for this to be successfully communicated to the reader, they have to be concise. For example, when writing a tutorial on how to use specific machinery, you can start with talking about safety first, then how to get it to start, what to do for its maintenance, how to know if something in it is faulty, etc.

3.       Use An Organized Structure.

Talking about doing something and actually being able to do it are two different things. When composing a tech tutorial, make sure that they are visually appealing. However, don’t make it all about images as information takes superiority over imagery. There can be pictures attached to show what a piece of certain equipment would look like.

For example, let’s consider that you’re writing a tutorial about how to use a Gimbal. Composing this in an organized structure would mean that you should start with the steps after unboxing. Since Gimbals can be used for multiple purposes, such as for photography, rockets engines, and inertial navigations, you need to specify the Gimbal you’re teaching how to use is for which purpose. If you’re explaining how to use it for a photography purpose, then start with:

  • How To Charge
  • How To Set Your Phone
  • How To Stop It From Rotating

Just like this, the structure of the tech tutorial will look more organized when the steps are broken down.

4.       Continued Support Is What We Are Looking For

No matter how detailed and comprehensive you make the tutorial, some readers will still remain unclear or get lost in between some of the steps. They either give up, or they start asking queries. Whichever platform is used to upload the tutorial, it is necessary to have a comment/queries section so that the reader’s issue can be addressed and solved. Not only does this promote engagement, but it is also extremely helpful for the reader as well.


Following these tips will indefinitely enable one to become an expert in writing tech tutorials. Practice makes perfect, therefore, start with the easiest topics that you have knowledge about, and then make your way to more complex technologies.

Author Bio: Naomi Tennant graduated from the University of Edinburgh from where she completed her MSc in Business and Marketing. She has been working as a digital marketer and a part-time essay writer for Master Essay Writer. Other than that, she’s a women’s rights activist and loves to write poems.