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The Benefits of Cannabis Use Over Alcohol Abuse

The legalization of cannabis uses in some states of the US and some countries sets the stage for heated debate over weed’s benefits versus alcohol abuse. Whereas the use of alcohol leads to addiction that has many harmful effects, the consumption of cannabis has minimal addictive effects. Instead, weed is useful for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

This piece highlights and explains the scientific-proven effects of marijuana vis-à-vis the harmful aftermaths of alcohol abuse.

Effects of cannabis and alcohol on brain structure

Scientific research indicates that long-term use and abuse of alcohol negatively affects both the white the gray matter of your brain. However, the use of weed for a long time doesn’t show any structural changes in the brain’s gray and white matter. The gray matter of the brain consists of nerve cells, and its location is at the surface of the brain. The brain’s white matter, on the other hand, is found in the deeper sections of the brain. It carries nerve fibres cells that transport electrical stimulation to the rest of the cells and tissues. The reduction of your brain’s gray and white matter leads to poor function of your mind.

Therefore, long term abuse of alcohol leads to the decrease of the brain’s white and gray matter which eventually leads to poor brain functioning as compare to Electric Dab Rig.  Long term use of cannabis, however, has not shown any reduction of the above cells. From the preceding, the use of marijuana is safe to your brain. Still, the abuse of alcohol has harmful effects on your mind.

The impact of cannabis and alcohol on health

Abuse of alcohol is associated with various adverse effects on your health. For instance, when you abuse alcohol, you reduce your life expectancy; you may harm nerves, and reduce your level of reasoning. In case if you don’t find help, you may end up dying due to the alcohol-induced effects. Cannabis consumption for medicinal reasons, on the other hand, is safe and not associated with any adverse side effects or death.


Levels of addiction

According to research, many people who consume cannabis are less likely to suffer from addiction. Alcohol abuse, on the other hand, leads to high cases of addiction. When you’re addicted to alcohol abuse, you may squander most of your resources in buying the bottle to satisfy your craving. Addiction may also lead to low performance at your workplace as most of the time; the mind focus on alcoholism instead of work

Violence behaviour

Studies have shown that alcohol abuse is associated with many cases of domestic violence. Research, further, demonstrates that 40% of violent cases at home are associated with alcohol. Most of these studies suggest that cases of domestic violence are high when couples are drinking. Studies on marijuana have found out that couples who use weed do not show any violence on one another. On this front, therefore, cannabis is safe and does not interfere with cordial relationships.

Effect of weight loss

Cannabis may stimulate munchies which may cause a user to overeat. However, these munchies do not lead to excessive weight gain. Drinking of alcohol, on the other hand, triggers weight gain, which may lead to obesity. This is because alcohol has high levels of calories that are associated with obesity. Obese individuals may expose themselves to various diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes.

Medical benefits of cannabis

Medicinal cannabis is beneficial as it treats and manages various diseases. The weed has a compound known as cannabinoids that act on specific receptors in your brain and relieve you of chronic pain. Chronic pain affects many people at the global stage and depending on conventional drugs, exposes one to various side effects. Therefore, cannabis relieves these pains and doesn’t cause any harmful side effects.

Apart from chronic pain, there are several diseases and conditions that medical cannabis helps to treat and manage. These include the treatment of anxiety, depression and social anxiety. Marijuana is also helpful in the treatment and management of cancer. Cancer is a debilitating condition, and its treatment procedures entail both chemotherapy and radiotherapy. These therapies have serious side effects that cannabis use may counteract. Therefore, in case you’re undergoing cancer treatment, it’s advisable to use cannabis to lessen the side effects. Additionally, cannabis is useful in the treatment and management of epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. Research shows that CBD in cannabis is useful in the treatment and alleviation of epilepsy in children.


From the above arguments, it is evident that the positive effects of cannabis outweigh the many harmful impacts of alcohol abuse.