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Things to Know Before Travel to Mumbai Honeymoon Tour

Mumbai, which is glamorous and opulent, is the ideal location to begin a new life. Maharashtra’s capital city combines romance and entertainment. For couples that enjoy Bollywood movies or prefer to dance the night away, Mumbai makes a wonderful honeymoon destination. Because of its residents’ hectic lifestyles, the city has earned the moniker “the city that never sleeps.” Mumbai offers a variety of romantic honeymoon places, including quiet beaches, rolling hills, wine trails, and beautiful scenery.

Mumbai has all the ingredients for the ultimate honeymoon packages in India, whether you’re looking for an active trip or a vacation filled with solitude. The breathtaking Sahyadri, Western Ghats, and Konkan belts, which provide good hiking routes for couples, are surrounded by exotic honeymoon places in Mumbai.

Lonavala’s beautiful views, Lavasa’s snow-white clouds, Matheran’s mesmerizing sunsets, and Aksa Beach’s dazzling seas are all included in Mumbai Honeymoon Packages. There are several locations throughout the city that offer everything necessary for the ideal honeymoon. The most important aspect of Mumbai honeymoon excursions includes seeing different serene shrines, popular Marine Drive, and beaches that are crowded with both locals and tourists.

Due to the high number of tourists who come to the city each year, resorts, many opulent hotels, and guest houses have been constructed. Mumbai’s resorts and hotels are responsible for the cozy mornings spent admiring picturesque scenery. Mumbai is at its most beautiful in the winter. However, for unforgettable honeymoon Packages in Mumbai, couples can also select other seasons. The city is stunning both in the summer and the winter. You can reserve Mumbai honeymoon packages based on your preferences.

Best Places to visit in Mumbai Honeymoon

Here Swastik Holiday Travel Agency compiles a list of the Best Places to visit on Mumbai Honeymoon which are listed below:-


Without stopping at this hill town, which is beautifully wrapped in a lush green blanket, honeymoon travels from Mumbai are incomplete. This location, 624 meters above sea level, is 80 kilometers from Mumbai. Lonavala is the perfect destination for taking a romantic getaway away from the rush and bustle of everyday life. This location brings couples close to nature with dams alongside lakes, tumbling waterfalls, and breathtaking hills. The Karla Caves, Rajmachi Fort, Bhaja Caves, and Bushi Dam are a few of Lonavala’s well-known tourist destinations. Along with this location, Khandala, a twin hill station to Lonavala, is frequently visited. Both locations provide fantastic hike routes across the wilderness. One of the most romantic ways to start the day is from the hotels and resorts here, which have views of the early morning mist.


Mumbai’s Matheran, or “forehead forest,” is a stunning location. The romantic sunsets at this location make it one of the Mumbai honeymoon tours’ must-visit locations. On their honeymoon in Mumbai, the majority of couples include watching the dawn as one of their must-do activities. It is regarded as India’s loveliest hill town. Matheran, which is 2600 feet above sea level, offers breathtaking scenery and the purest tranquility. Vehicles are not permitted inside this area. Couples can take leisurely strolls around the alleyways while feeling the chilly breeze. A honeymoon journey here is an amazing treat due to the expansive mountain vistas encountered while walking.


Karnala is the ideal destination for a romantic getaway. This area exudes tranquility, isolation, and beauty. This location, which is 50 km from Mumbai, is a must-have in the majority of Mumbai honeymoon vacation packages. With almost 150 native exotic bird species, the bird sanctuary in Karnala is a treasure of Mumbai’s avian diversity. In addition to this, the sanctuary is vibrant due to its 37 different migrant bird species. The most romantic activity for any couple is the river trip around Karnala Lake. This location is a great place to start if you want to escape the wedding blues and find comfort in the unsurpassed beauty of nature.


It is a seaside community that goes by the name of Alibag and is 90 kilometers from Mumbai. Locals and tourists in couples are constantly crowded into this location. It is known as a “mini-Goa” and attracts the most tourists. Alibaug is a wonderful addition to the honeymoon locations in Mumbai. There is plenty of clean air, serene temples, and sandy beaches here. Couples can find a plethora of beautiful and picture-perfect backgrounds in Alibaug, a photography enthusiast’s dream. In addition to being a popular location for movie shoots, Alibaug’sMandwa Beach also offers stunning views of the Gateway of India. Couples looking for adventure might engage in one of the many captivating water activities offered in this location.


Khandala, often known as the lovers’ paradise, is a well-liked honeymoon location in Mumbai. This Lonavala twin is renowned for providing relief in its purest form. It is a charming hill station with sparkling lakes, alluring valleys, captivating hikes, and waterfalls with crystal-clear waters. The location is ideal for spending time together as a couple. A train ride from Mumbai to this location, which is 100 miles away, bestows couples with the exquisite gift of nature.