WordPress Website building

First of all, let’s give you a quick introduction into the advantages of this this over other platforms

Fast to make things happen
Plugins for any possible website feature more less
paying someone to design a plugin can be done cheap relatively easy
Can get free themes
Free plugins
Most Hosting works through WordPress through a Cpanel so you don’t need to manually install it most of the time
Unlimited supply of free videos giving you advice or teaching you things
Many blogs or forums exist which can help you solve any WordPress problems overall
Don’t need to be able to code to work it
Making changes to most themes is simple
Plugin changes mostly straightforward, but some can temporarily break a site. If you don’t know what you are doing, ask for advice from the creator or someone else most is super friendly.
Just click your mouse to update the plugins or themes and wait tell it gets done.
Buying most themes or plugins generally only costs around $10 to $50 for one of payment mostly . If you are selling product or service and you don’t feel comfortable copying in codes from Paypal or other groups you can easy use a Plugin which does the selling parts for you include delivery address if you are selling a phyical product


Some of the plugins are not updated as such may end up getting hacked so it could be dangerous to install of any websites as such try and never install plugins that are older than 6 months for the last update done. https://bestseocompaniesin.co.uk/
Plugin can be designed poorly so even just once plugin can increase your load time by 2 or more seconds most extreme I saw was 7 seconds, Having to many plugins can slow your site down over to much Server stress. Themes often contains things you don’t need such as Social media sharing feature which makes the website very slow and look bad as well. Some Theme designers are unhelpful or kind of annoying to deal with so then you are forced to swap the theme to something else. WordPress security is often very easy to break through but a large amount of that can be fixed by simply using a complex password. You need some kind of Brute protection on WordPress sites case you don’t know this meaning it means when someone trys to hack into your website by guessing your password which is why you must make sure all your WordPress only give people a max of three login tries before the username or email is blocked. WordPress itself is mostly designed for blogging so you may find it not good for Ecommerce but it can still work through it okay for most of the time and you can get cool Ecommerce features through using plugins as well if you need more things. You will need some kind of security plugin to try and help protect your site from hackers or virus or other kinds of issues.

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