4 reasons for Erectile Dysfunction where drugs also struggle to work

Erectile dysfunction is the only sexual disorder in men, which is more a blood circulation issue than a hormonal issue. Initially, this was seen in men of age more than 50 only, but these days lack of proper lifestyle, extensive fast living and different addictions are causing men of all ages from 20 till 70 to suffer from this ED.

There are different drugs that help men to cure themselves of the ailment, like Fildena, Cialis or Fildena 100, but there are four occasions or you can say them as causes of ED, where even the drugs find it challenging to fight out. Here are them for your understanding, where the challenge the drug faces also has been discussed.

Watching Pornography

This is a new menace in the men of age group 20-35. Men of this age are becoming so much addicted to pornography that they are facing ED. Initially, it was omitted to be a cause of ED, but gradually more and more samples of such issues confirmed the doctors that this one of the biggest menace for youngsters to develop the ailment.

What happens here is something really very much critical. It is the mind that conducts the brain operation and the brain accordingly sends a message to the different organs to behave as such. In the case of the erection of the penis during intercourse too, the same thing happens. The mind senses the sensation and it directs the brain to pump more blood to the veins of the penis, following which the penis gets the erection.

However, while being addicted to porno movies, men start developing a sense, where the mind directs the brain and brain accordingly directs excess blood flow to the penis, only when those porno scenes are visible to the eyes. In other stances, the same message is not provided by the brain. In real life conditions, those scenes won’t remain before the eyes and hence the man cannot experience the erection at all. However, when he finds a porno movie before him, he develops erection.

Practically, this becomes a psychological issue and hence top drugs like Vidalista 20 even cannot treat these types of patients.

Some Venomous Addictions

Addictions towards alcohol and tobacco both make the patient irresponsive to the drugs. They put a layer of sulphate or nicotine over the blood and hence the excess blood, although signalled by the brain, cannot enter the blood veins to impose an erection of penis.

As a result of the same, the patient cannot get the effect from the Vidalista 20, since this drug aids the blood flow through the penis and since the passage through the veins is blocked, it won’t work. The thing that is needed to be done here to get rectified is to quit those addictive elements. If that can be done, the excess layer of nicotine or sulfate has to be reduced. Then only, the effect of the drugs can be seen.

Detachment from intercourse

This is again a psychological disability found in many men. Either for the age, or for lack of sexual urge, or even for the reason that they remain busy in schedule and also have a kid, it has been seen to be a tendency in many males to avoid having intercourse for a long time. Our human body is all about habit. How we make habits, the same is inhabited by the body too. This is true in the case of detachment form intercourse too.

Due to detachment from intercourse, the brain stops sensing those sensations and as a result of the same, even if the urge comes to have some intercourse experience, the brain won’t convey the message to the penis veins and you miss the erection.

This is really a big menace that has to be corrected with a proper mental setup and even some patients need some psychological sessions to get the result.

Excessive Pressure

Excessive workload or family-related pressure for a long time makes the brain so much pre-occupied that it cannot take up any more messages of different things like erection or intercourse. The brain starts getting habituated to only receive commands related to workloads or family issues and while that happens, you feel that you are not feeling any urge to have intercourse or even if you feel the urge, your penis will not find the right reaction.

This menace is surely another psychological issue, where doctors might suggest you some sleeping peels and then Vidalista 20 so that your mind gets the needful rest and then sense the urge in it.

All the above-stated issues are nowadays very common too. Hence, if you have not developed ED till date, be careful about all the aspects that have been stated here, so that you never have to face the ill effect of the sexual disorder in your life.

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