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6 Reasons Winter Can Make You Sick Over and Over Again and Ways to Avoid It

Does it seem strange to you if you are getting sick more often than any other people?  It isn’t just strange for you, in fact it is a strange thing to fell sick very often. A healthy body knows how to deal with the external disease ( a disease that comes from external sources that might be bacterial or viral) but when you have something wrong with your body, it tends to get sick more frequently than normal. Some seasons do add up to more health problems than the other seasons like that of winter. Winter comes up with runny noses, severe coughs and dangerous germs all around. Seasonal illness is not a new subject and everyone knows how we fell sick immediately after a change of season.

You may fell sick this year many times but to fix it should be your first priority. The only way you can do this is to learn about the actual cause of your illness. Knowing the actual cause can hunt down the reason for your diseases. Let’s talk about how you actually get sick and the ways you can avoid them.

  • Do you know about the seasonal diets?

Seasonal foods are the best to start your day with a healthy habit. When you eat food that goes with nature, you can never fell sick. In season foods will provide you adequate nutrition without harming your body too much. These foods tend to increase the metabolism of your body which helps in keeping your immunity strong.

If you have no idea of what we are talking about, just take this simple example. Vitamin A is the most important nutrient needed for our body which build up our immune system so strong that it gives full protection from any external agents which might be harmful for your body. In fact the statistic shows that people are mostly deficient in Vitamin A. the best season for Vitamin A is the fall where you will find them in the most pure and natural form. Even if you are having in touch with Vitamin A in summer, you may get the benefit but not in the same ratio as it would be if you had them in fall. Because they are overtly modified to keep them fresh in other odd seasons, you might get more affected with it.

The most beneficial part about eating Vitamin A in fall is that this season is filled with the flu and other illnesses. If you don’t want to get sick, you must have them in order to have a healthier life even during winters.

  • Using of too much caffeine

The year end is brought about with many tremendous work pressure and lack of sleep. As you gear up for the next year, you tend to get more busy than usual. Such a sleepless nights and busiest schedule is hard to deal with and people always want some extra boost by adding up their day with extra caffeine. Caffeine is the only way they can rejuvenate themselves with tired and disgusted days. Too much caffeine intake can actually do harm than doing good. You can get more sick with extra illness of flu. By consuming too much caffeine, you are constantly putting your nervous system in strain and also throwing your immune system in a pathetic condition. The only way to get rid of such illnesses is to reduce the consumption of caffeine intake in your mug. Also reduce the time of caffeine consumption. Suppose you have one cup every day, slowly reduce it to 2 cups in a week.

  • Pressurizing your gut too much

Your immune system helps in preventing the foreign invaders getting inside your organs and harming them. Studies say that 70% of our immune system resides in your gut. Your gut is the only place which actually holds the good bacteria that leads to develop a shield which further protects you from all the unwanted invaders getting inside your immune system. Today we are spending too much time on outside and is connected with bad environment that harm our system very badly. Our bad habits also impacts on our immune system and leads to dysbiosis which is the gathering of the bad gut bacteria.  Now that you have a hectic schedule which is compelling you to have more caffeine and processed food, it can severely affect your health without any question.

You can boost up your immune system through healthy diet. Include more of vegetables and fermented food in your diet. Instead of having the addiction for coffee, have more of kombucha tea. These habits also make your gut healthy which will then increase the formation of good bacteria.

  • Low in Vitamin D

During cold, you tend to get more sick and if you are low in Vitamin D, no one can actually save you from any illness. Vitamin D plays an important role in keeping you fit and healthy. It actually helps in improving how your body functions when it is been in contact with the foreign invaders. Vitamin D is rich in antimicrobial proteins which helps in getting rid of foreign bacteria that has the tendency of harming your body. You will get this nutrient from many foods such as eggs, pork, fish or mushrooms but these foods aren’t enough to give a complete necessary nutrient as required by your body.

Your body needs more than 30ng/ml blood level to have the beneficial factor of Vitamin D. people living in winter season lacks more in Vitamin D as they don’t get sufficient sun light in their locality. If you are an athlete, chances are you too lacks in this vital nutrition as intense exercises can lead to drain Vitamin D easily from your body. Such deficiency can lead to loosen muscle power and will reduce the time for recovery and heal the inflammation. Studies have concluded that you must maintain your level of Vitamin D above 40ng/ml throughout the year. Hence just taking it from food is not sufficient! You need to be depended on supplement for the required levels of Vitamin D. the supplement must contain the doses of 2,000-4,000 IU daily.  When you will be taking a supplement, make sure you get tested for your levels after every 8-12 weeks. Now supplement doesn’t mean you will be off with foods. You must take foods that are highly rich in Vitamin D along with the supplement.

  • Not washing your hands properly

Did you know that 70% of bacteria enters into our body just because we don’t wash our hands properly? Our hand is the only source of our healthiness. We always make sure that we teach our kids to wash their hands prior to eating anything but do we really adhere to this rule?  No, I guess! A lot of people tend to ignore these basic healthy habits just because they want to be a little lazy. Washing hands before every meal becomes very hard in winter and thus people skip it, thinking they don’t want to get cold.

A new study conducted in WHO states that we must devoid of shaking hands in winter with people as the spread of germs become more prominent during this season. Make a habit of washing your hands before every meal, even if you are having just a snack.

  • Not having enough sleep

Sleep is an important factor in keeping you healthy. If you don’t get enough sleep, you may not be able to work properly which will ultimately drag you to be sick and tired. Having 7-8 hours sleep is a good way to boost your body in winters. Studies have shown that our ancestral tribes used to sleep a little longer in winter to rejuvenate their energy for tomorrow morning hunting. Their sleep makes them active during the day and lack of sleep will make them much sick to be carried on with their usual task. Studies have also cleared out that our tribal people weren’t night owls. They went to sleep around 9.15 pm in winter and for the summer months, they went a little late than winter, which used to be around 10.45 pm.

During the winter season, we tend to get more lazy and thus prefer sleeping under the cozy warm wool. But often times we get so busy in our work that we miss these opportunities and become night owls. Such a habit will surely have an impact on your health. If you reduce the time of your sleeping, you may wake up like a zombie searching for his true life. If you wake up early by sleeping early, this will make you guarded with any winter types illnesses which is hard to prevent.

Conclusion, All these things combine to give you a healthy way of living or a diseased prone nights in winter. Certain things must be kept in mind when you experience seasonal changes. As every season is different from each other, you have to take care of yourself based on the changing times. Along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, make sure you visit your doctor at harley street gp practice on a regular basis to avoid falling sick during the changing seasons.