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Best 7-Seaters To Hire For Traveling

When the vacation time comes you think of having a good trip and spending the greatest time with your family. Of course, when traveling with a family, you need more space in the car, hotel. 7 seater car rental can help you a lot when you have 6 passengers and valises. Not all families need 7-seaters. You can choose a smaller car but comfortable enough for transportation. Choose the car carefully because 5-seater cars are cheaper than 7-seaters. In case you have tons of valises and crowd of passengers, 7-seater is the best option for you. How is it possible? Why do people go traveling with the whole family?

Eliza riding in the car


Popular places to travel with kids in the USA

Whenever you live, you can find a good place to travel with your family. Itโ€™s not about kiddy attractions only. There must be something special for kids and their parents, aunties, and grannies.


  • Go to San Diego, California

This is one of the most popular vacation spots in America. Everyone knows about Los Angeles but not all people know about San Diego. This city is full of fun places for families. San Diego Zoo shows you many interesting animals, including sweet pandas and polar bears. Also, you can visit aquarium, Legoland, and theme parks.

  • Go to Indianapolis, Indiana

What do you know about the museum for kids in Indianapolis? Childrenโ€™s Museum welcomes you to learn, build, and explore together with your kids. This is also a good place for older kids and teens. They can learn how to make music or visit so-called quest rooms. Visit Discovery Center to learn more about the state you are in.

  • Go to Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta welcomes you with its nature views and the world popular Georgia Aquarium. You can watch sharks, whales, and other underwater inhabitants. If you kids love animals and want to learn more about them in the South of America, go to Atlanta.



7-seater is a type of car, where 7 passengers can travel together. The first minivan which was offered to people with so many seats was Renault Espace. Nowadays, you can find 7-seaters from many popular car brands. Letโ€™s have a look! Hope, this article can help to pick the best minivan for your next vacation.

  1. Ford C Max

This is a good car for all and everyone who wants to drive with comfort. It is super practical and especially good for traveling with kids. The interior is pleasant, simple, and easy to clean. The rental price is not big.

  1. Citroen C4

Meet a 7-seater from Citroen. Its style is modern and comfortable. The windows are large and it looks like the car has even more space. There is a big boot at the back of the car and high comfortable seats.

  1. Audi Q7

Many people think that Audi is very expensive to take for rent. Thatโ€™s true. But if you prefer comfort to money, you should decide on Audi Q7. What makes it special? The car has three rows of seats. The third row is specially designed for kids. It looks like a safe and pleasant space where your kids can sleep, draw, read, watch movies, and spend their interesting time even without your help. The seats are super soft and cozy to sit and sleep in.


  1. Hyundai Santa Fe

This is a super spacy car, where you can place three child seats without any problems. This 7-seater is good if you are looking for something special, modernly equipped, but not extremely expensive. Most of families prefer Santa Fe to other car types. The driverโ€™s place is relaxing and comfortable and this fact attracts people the most.

  1. Volvo xc90

What about Volvo? You can find many people who prefer Volvo to any other car brand. If you are one of them, you should try 7-seater from Volvo. This car must be the best option if you want a good looking vehicle. It gives you so much space and that special feeling that you are the master of the situation. Sure enough, there is also more than enough space for all passengers and their luggage. The car is the most advanced one.


  1. Land Rovers

If we talk about space, Land Rovers are worth mentioning. This car brand is very popular and comes to your mind every time you think of family trips, road trips. Land Rovers can impress you with loads of cargo space. You can take all your dresses and kiddy toys! The car is quiet but powerful. Looking for the car with the best off-road capabilities, you should pick Rovers.

Why do you need a big car? When you travel with your family, it is important to get more comfort from your car. You should think of your young passengers, their luggage, and comfortable driverโ€™s space. Traveling with pets, it is impossible to do without some extra space! Think about it when planning to rent a car for your summer vacation.