Best Heavy Trucks in India

Various truck companies in India are said to be responsible in the manufacturing of heavy trucks and other commercial vehicles such as luxury tour buses. The Tata trucks and Ashok Leyland trucks are India’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturers and manufacturers of heavy trucks.

Below is the list of the best sold heavy trucks in India. Read on to find out more.

1) Ashok Leyland
Ashok Leyland is India’s largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles and responsible for supplying medium and heavy trucks. The Ashok Leyland Truck price varies from model to model. The Hinduja Group owns the Indian automobile company, and the products include Ashok Leyland trucks, lorry, Tusker Twin Axle Lorry, City Transit bus, Titan Double Decker bus.

2) Bharat Benz
To meet the requirements of the customers, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles are labeled as BharatBenz. Daimler AG manufactures BharatBenz heavy trucks and BharatBenz heavy-duty tractors in Chennai. BharatBenz trucks are designed for tight Indian roads, and they also offer a formidable range of heavy trucks in India.

BharatBenz offers a comfortable workplace for drivers and also produce flexible vehicles for commercial and regional use.

If you are looking to carry loads such as FMCG, machinery, packed goods, cargo boxes, and others, then BharatBenz 3123R fits you well. BharatBenz truck price for 3123R has an INR 23.0 lakh price with a two-wheelbase range of 5.175 mm and a total of 6.375 mm available in 4 models. The cabin includes features including 3-way adjustable seats, ergonomic design, digital instrumental cluster, and various precautions for noise reduction.

3) Eicher Trucks
Eicher motors offer a wide range of heavy trucks in India. Eicher Motors is a parent company of Royal Enfield. The Eicher trucks have a joint venture with the Volvo Group for producing commercial vehicles in India.

The Eicher trucks are produced for the construction, mining, highways, and some other heavy-duty works. The Eicher trucks price depends upon their performance on the long journeys.

Eicher Pro 6000 comes with engines that have raised the output bar in the heavy trucks market. Though the VEDX engines were developed in partnership with Volvo, Eicher received the hallmark of performance versatility. Such engines generate nearly 200 bhp of electricity, thereby providing much better results than on paper.

One of the most profitable products of the Eicher PRO system is Eicher Pro 1114XP. It has the highest rated payload in its category, compact and reliable aggregates that guarantee high reliability, longevity, and cabin comfort while maintaining the best fuel efficiency in the class. Eicher Pro 1114XP guarantees its owner high productivity and stability.

4) Mahindra Trucks
The Mahindra trucks and the Bus Division in Pune manufacture the LCV range heavy trucks and buses. Mahindra has launched a new series of heavy trucks, starting with the name BLAZO. The Mahindra truck price varies as per their performance and the truck model. These heavy trucks are specially designed for tight roads. The company also offers a wide range of vehicles right from the heavy trucks to tractors.

5) Tata Trucks
Tata LPT 3723 is the most powerful Tata trucks with an effortless carrying capacity of around 4.5-ton payload. A Cummins 6BT engine supports these Tata trucks, generates 155 bhp power, thus providing the power needed to carry such heavy load. This five-axle truck also comes with fairly decent quality, making it a game-changer in all respects. If you want to know the Tata trucks price, you can check the catalog.

In terms of safety, these heavy trucks have lots of exceptional features like the ABS for the seat belts, tubeless tires, hill hold assist, fog lights, parking brakes, and air brakes.
Thus, we can see that the above list of heavy trucks has a wide range of proffer attributes with excessive payload capacity. Selecting the one surely depends on your business requirements, but with the kind of variety in choices, it would be a tough decision.

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