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Creating a Super Simple Skincare Routine for the Family

You don’t need to wait until a certain age to introduce skincare to your children. This is not because of vanity either. Skin damage is a serious concern, and though young skin looks good and healthy, they may not stay that way for long when they are left unprotected. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone in your family knows the importance of skincare?

Here’s how you can introduce skincare to your family and make sure it’s simple enough for them to follow:

Tell them about the damages caused by the sun

Everyone, no matter the age, gets exposed to the sun at various degrees. Children may not think much of walking around unprotected at noon when they don’t do it often, but this may result in a problem when they’re older and have developed such habits that harm the skin. The best way to talk to your children about sun damage is during a beach trip, because you’re already giving them sunscreen as a way of skin protection.

This may prompt some questions, which you should answer as best you can. From there, you can introduce daily sun protection to them and tell them what happens when they don’t use these daily.

Talk about the benefits of moisturization 

Children are at an impressionable age, and they may be curious about the things they see you doing. This curiosity can be leveraged to teach them about one of the basics of skincare, which is moisturizing. Unlike other skincare products, which may be too early for children to use, such as exfoliants, moisturizers are generally safe and will not cause any harm to young skin.

Just make sure your children are old enough to know that the product is not something they should swallow. If they can differentiate between the eyebrow makeup you bought online and their regular pencils, they should be old enough to understand what moisturizers are. Typically, their skin is able to moisturize itself when they are young, but it’s the habit of moisturizing that you’re inculcating in them this early.

Emphasize the importance of sleep

Sleep is one of those things adults consider a luxury but children take for granted. As an adult, you want to have more time for sleep; your children, on the other hand, may not think much of the hours you tell them to sleep. Most parents set a bedtime schedule for their children, and this helps children get the sleep they need.

However, if you don’t explain to them why it’s important to get enough hours, they will not take to their bedtime easily. This is where the fights and the stubbornness come from. Sit them down and tell them the benefits of sleep and maybe that will prompt them to look forward to it every night.

Highlight the need for proper skin protection

You’ve already told them about the importance of sun protection, but don’t stop there. Talk about the importance of choosing comfortable clothing as well. The skin needs to breathe, which is why they should wear clothes that do not make them feel uncomfortable. The weather is an important consideration, especially because too much cold may lead to skin dryness, and too much humidity may result in flaky skin.

Children can start caring for their skin at a younger age so that they will develop a healthier skincare habit when they reach adulthood. Help them preserve the beautiful skin they have by teaching them the basics.