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Free Download Gta San Andreas for ios / iPhone

As you might know that GTA San Andreas is a really popular game. The platform doesn’t limit the popularity of this game. It has been for almost all of the devices out there. From Android, iOS, to XBOX, and PlayStation.

However, we are going to look at how you can download GTA San Andreas iOS for free.

GTA San Andreas iOS gameplay and Features

Rockstar Games launched another game named San Andreas that portrayed hood violence and gangs, and the dark path of the main character. The main character in this game is named as Carl Johnson. After coming back home Los Santos after 5 years, he comes to know that things had been changed around everywhere.

Everything has changed. Hence, Carl sets to the mission to take make that influence back and get his hood back on the track. Getting into this crazy ride, he has a lot to experience violence, betrayal, and losses. The game has a ton of cinematic effects and cut scenes that will make the experience vivid and better. With a handful of missions and various missions, this open-world game is one of the best to ever arrive on the planet.

In 2015, the game was launched for Android and iOS. However, it’s still not available for the windows phone. What’s more interesting is the fact that the Android version still somehow manages to retain the original quality and experience of the game.
Back to the story. Carl becomes criminal as the officers behind him were a lot of corrupt. They just wanted him out of the way. For that purpose, Carl had to take a lot of broken promises and non-loyal people cheating on him.

However, he still didn’t lose hope. With enough dedication and will to prevail, he too the world by storm.


On the first note, the touch controls would get a lot of time to get used to especially when you’re coming from the PC version. There are a variety of touch controls such as the Analog, flick controls, or even on-screen buttons to choose from.
You have the option to choose any of them. However, at first, it will seem a little weird getting used to.
The left side of the screen is just for movement and the right side is dedicated to all the action buttons. You can control the screen from any side you want as there is to mouse to play with, you will have to set the angle using the touch screen.

This game is a great addition if you’re using the iOS device. However, you will still have to go through some practice to make everything work.

Bluetooth controllers and wired controllers will also work great too. If you are feeling that your device is lagging and not running well at all, you can turn the graphics down as there are options to change the graphics settings too. This problem will still not occur on iOS devices but just in case you’re using something such as the iPhone 5 or 4s, you might encounter some problem.

If you turn off the frame limited, you will definitely see a huge boost in performance if your device is powerful enough to handle the game that is.

How to install GTA San Andreas on iOS

There are a lot of methods you can use to download this GTA iOS. However, we are be using TUTU app to download this game. The best thing about this method is that it doesn’t require and kind of jailbreaking or other stuff to make it work.

Just follow these steps and you’ll have Gta San Andreas iOS installed on your Apple’s device.
• First thing’s first, download the TUTU app on your iOS device.
• The second step is that you have to go to the settings and trust TUTU app in the permissions section.
• Open the app and simply search GTA San Andreas.
• Install the app and just open the game
There you go, you’ve successfully downloaded the app.


Is GTA San Andreas free?
No! The game itself is paid and still resides on the Apple App Store.
• Is TUTU illegal?
The app itself is legal. However, downloading paid apps for free is illegal.
• Is TUTU a virus?
No! Trusting in the settings means that the app is totally virus free.


GTA San Andreas iOS is a great game if you want to enjoy a totally open world environment. The game has perfect controls and perfect gameplay options. The storyline itself is so cool too. It offers one hell of a story that might leave you in tears.
I remember playing GTA SA iOS and crying as the story went crazy afterward. One of the best games from Rockstar games with good controls and over the top storyline to impress the players.