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How much do you know about Oleoresins?

Oleoresins are somewhat sibling to spice oils, and are similar in representing all profile of various spices. These oils are obtained through non-aqueous solvent extraction and subsequent evaporation of the solvents. Containing pure volatile and non-volatile constituents of spices, they represent true similar qualities of spice oils. You can also understand pure oleoresins as natural combination of oil and resins that are extracted from plants. In other words, they are high concentrated substance that exists in liquid form.

Since these pure oleoresins shares similar properties with original spices, they are good enough to replace whole or ground spices, without compromising on aroma, flavour or texture. In that way, they have many advantages over whole or ground spices. Another best thing about these oleoresins is that they are easy for storage and transportation since concentrated form reduces space and bulk. They are also more heat stable in comparison to raw spices, and due to lower moisture content, these oils have longer shelf life. Due to radiation, high heat and chemicals tend to destroy plant properties, but oleoresins are far away to any chemical contents and are safer to use.

Some best examples of Oleoresins

After knowing a brief knowledge about oleoresins, now let us introduce you with some of the best examples of oleoresins and what makes them useful and beneficial for any problems faced by people.

  • Basil oleoresin: This oleoresin is known for providing relief from mental problems like stress and also provides ease to body discomforts. Besides this, it is a good mood enhancer and helps in purifying blood and promoting healthy skin too. It also removes any kind of itchiness on skin.

  • Asafoetida Oleoresins: It is widely preferred for curing colic flatulence and is also an ideal healing solution for people who complain of dental problems including toothache.

  • Capsicum oleoresins: Using capsicum oleoresin can prove very beneficial in treating nerve pain in people who have developed herpes zoster. Apart from it, this oleoresin is also very wonderful solution for healing joint and muscle pains caused by arthritis, bruising, strains and sprains.

  • Black pepper oleoresins: It is much preferred in medicines for the treatment of problems like heart diseases, insomnia, indigestion, liver problem and constipation. They have a great demand in food industries, where they are been used as flavouring and colouring agent. It finds its use in many traditional medicines including Ayurveda, Unani and Siddha.

  • Cardamom oleoresins: These oleoresins are ideal choice for people who are suffering from whopping cough, spasms, nervous disorders and abdominal pains. They are best in keeping digestive system healthy, treats nausea, soothes colic and is worked as best flavoring agent in spice and curry products.

  • Garlic oleoresins: Garlic oleoresins are very beneficial in providing relief from cold, nausea, morning sickness and upset stomach. It also cures blood and treats many heart-related problems. Besides this, it can also be used as best insect repellent.

Ending note

Hope this concise guide on oleoresins and some of its best examples with their benefits can be of much useful for knowledge. You can find plethora of many pure oleoresins and spice oils on Aromaazinternational.com, one of the best online platforms for all natural essential oils.