How to colorize black and white image

Do you wish to add color to black and white photos? You will now be extremely delighted to know that you can colorize old photos using a free tool. This tool not only helps you to colorize black and white images but it also ensures that your old photos get a perfect makeover.

Have you ever thought of applying a makeover to your old photos? If not, then you must consider it right now! So, are you now wondering how you can add a makeover to your old photos? If yes, then please do not think twice! Just keep reading and reveal a complete review of Picture Colorizer. Rest assured that this is the best desktop application for colorizing old black and white images.

Picture Colorizer: Brief Introduction

Let’s now quickly have an introduction to Picture Colorizer. This tool is designed to help you colorize old images. As you probably know that most of the old images are available in the black and white color format. That’s because — in the earlier days, we didn’t have enough technology and camera quality to capture colored photos. That’s why we often end up capturing black and white images.

These old black and white images are an absolute asset for you and your family. To be more precise, old images hold a significant and invaluable value. You will now have an option to colorize these old photos and even improve their values in many folds simply by using Picture Colorizer.

Please note that the tool has incorporated a robust machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithm using which it can apply the realistic color effects to any old image. The tool works extremely fast, and you will get the images processed within a snap.

Let’s now find out how to use this tool.

Picture Colorizer: Steps of Usage

Step#1: Please make sure to download the tool for free through its official website (

Step#2: Once you have downloaded and installed the tool, you can now add the images that you wish to colorize.

Step#3: To add the images to the tool, please use Add Images! option. After that, please press the Colorize! icon so that the software now processes your image. Note, the tool will apply its machine-learning algorithm to process your old images.

Step#4: If required, you can change a few parameters of the image like its denoise, saturation, hue, and other properties.

Step#5: Finally, please save your changes when you click on the Save As button.

Benefits to Note

  1. Picture Colorizer is the best tool for colorizing old black and white images.
  2. It works so hassle-freely!
  3. It requires minimal processing time.
  4. The tool comes with a free download feature.

The Final Takeaway:

Picture Colorizer is the most recommended option for you when it comes to colorizing black and white images. Since it’s available for free, requires no manual intervention, and offers optimum results, please feel free to download it today. Use the tool and give all your old photos the best makeover.