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How to ensure the quality of internal security devices

ISO certification in India

It is beyond any doubt that we all are leading the today’s chaotic metropolitan lifestyle. Now, our security is indeed our own responsibility and that’s why it is our foremost priority. Especially if you are dwelling in jam-packed cities, then you must be very particular about the security of your own life as well as your belongings. One thing that can ensure this is the efficient internal Security systems at your home and office. And what can ensure the reliability of your Security devices? Of course, it is the ISO certification!

Why there is need of ISO certification for Security devices?

We all know about the wide variety of the mechanisms that are used for the purpose of internal Security management. Out of these, the Video surveillance is the most advanced and widely used mechanism. Earlier it was mainly used by intelligence departments, forensic labs and all the bodies responsible for countering crime, emergency management, and criminological applications and so forth. Now it has become the basic necessity for all the establishments whether residential or commercial, as an essential way of ensuring internal security. Besides it is now utilized by those security authorities for quickly tracking the information gathered by various CCTV footages from specific areas. Like all other electrical devices, the Security system devices also need a global benchmark of reliability and precision. Hence, there’s a strong need of ISO certification in India of such devices, to ensure that they bear the desired result.

Which is the ISO certification standard for Security devices?

The ISO management standard for Security systems is the ISO 22311:2012, which is for Societal security devices — Video surveillance.

What is the use of ISO 22311?

The International Standard ISO 22311 gives a fare interoperability profile which comprises:-

  • The trade arrangement and least specialized prerequisites that guarantee that the computerized video-reconnaissance substance sent out are perfect with the replay frameworks,

  • Set up a proper degree of quality and contain all the setting data (metadata) important for their handling.

  • Apart from that the ISO 22311:2012 is pivotal for cultural security that present and future video-reconnaissance frameworks execute this interface to permit proficient scientific .preparing of the material created, frequently in monstrous amounts.

  • This Global ISO Standard likewise contains arrangements to guarantee that security measures can be executed to ensure the privileges of the people.

  • The manufacturers of Video surveillance security devices must opt for this standard for ISO certification in India

Which are other ISO standards for Internal Security devices?

Here are some of the other ISO certification in India produced for the purpose of Internal Security management:

  • ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 11, Coding of moving images as well as audio (MPEG format);

  • ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 1, Codification of motionless images (JPEG format);

  • IEC/TC 79, Alarm mechanisms and electronic defence (this includes the European corresponding standard CENELEC/TC 79: Alarm systems and electronic security std)

  • It is these global standards that have helped in development of the ISO 22311:2012 standard. The manufacturers of Video surveillance security devices can also opt for these standards for ISO certification in India.

What is the scope of the ISO 22311:2012?

This global benchmark is for the most part for internal security purposes. This indicates a typical file format that can be made from the video-observation footage assortment frameworks. This can be ensured using standalone machines or enormous scale frameworks, by a usable information stockpiling media or through a system to permit the end clients to get to advanced video-reconnaissance substance and play out their essential preparing. The methods for trade are not part of this International Standard.

How is the desired video file format ensured?

This regular video file format depends on a mix of a few specialized standards that independently are not prohibitive enough to give the desired interoperability. These standards are officially referenced to stay away from duplications or uniqueness. At the point when proper to improve the interoperability, subsets or a set number just of these standards are called.

Whom will the ISO 22311 influence?

Today the Video footage from the CCTV recording frameworks is a remarkable asset for scientific examinations. So we can see the ISO certification standard for the Societal security devices — Video surveillance can help to advance these frameworks for the following users:

  • Commercial Banks

  • Departmental stores

  • Parking garages, and

  • Housing societies

The unlawful and suspicious movements can be traced not only here, but elsewhere too, out of the blue!

Be that as it may, whenever an awkward incident happens, specialists can now definitely be overpowered by the ISO certification in India for the societal security devices for the Video surveillance and the volume of information they need to break down.