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How to save money when Traveling by car?

When you travel a lot and often, there is a desire to save at least in smallest details. There are many examples of possibilities to save money when renting a car. If you plan to rent a car often, it makes sense to join the loyalty program of one of the dealers or brokers. The higher your status in the program, the better rental conditions and the more pleasant bonuses you can get. This is just the first example of how you can save money. Next, we will describe a few more ways to save when renting a car.


  1. Compare online car rental prices with different distributors and brokers

Wherever you go, there are large international rental companies everywhere, such as Avis, Hertz, Sixt, Europcar and Alamo. Renting a car from them is convenient and reliable. You can book a car on the website, in the application of the rental office or through an intermediary broker. If you do not have a discount coupon or a gold loyalty card, it could be cheaper to hire a car through a broker. Remember about these possibilities, when you monitor the options of the Hertz rental under 25.

  1. Renting on the spot

Another option is not to book a car in advance or through a broker, but to find a suitable car on the spot. If you are willing to spend time searching and comparing prices and possibly bargain in an unfamiliar language, there is a chance to catch a good cheap option. However, it may cause some difficulties: if time is limited, it is more reliable to book a car rental in advance. Moreover, on big holidays, inexpensive cars are very popular. Therefore, it is worth booking a car at least a week before the trip.

Renting a car without prior reservation at a rental station, as a rule, is more expensive. If you are lucky, you will be given a middle class car at no extra cost instead of a booked subcompact. A rental station does not have the right to refuse to give you a car if there is reservation, and if the needed car is not there, you will be given a car with a higher class.

  1. Find a promo code for car rental discounts

Rental companies and brokers have discounts on car rental. Getting them is easy, the main thing is to find out whether there are special offers for car rental you have chosen. Constant discounts are often tied to bankcards. At Hertz, 5-15% is deducted from the rental price for cardholders of some banks. When booking, you need to enter a promo code corresponding to the status of the card. It happens that distributors and brokers send personal promotional codes by e-mail or announce a temporary promotion, including a joint one with partners, which is valid for everyone.

  1. Book a car with a minimum price

There is a small life hack. Even if you need a fully equipped car, it still often makes sense to order the cheapest one. As a rule, if already in place you change your mind in favor of a more expensive car, then you will not be refused. However, another option is also possible: the car you ordered will not be available, as low-cost cars take apart faster. Naturally, at first, you will be offered to pay extra, but if you show a little persistence and you know how to bargain, then in 99% of cases you will get a more expensive car at the price of a car you ordered.

  1. Use package offers

When planning your upcoming vacation, pay attention to offers like a plane + car, hotel + car, etc. Quite often, you can save some money by adding a car rental to the package tour.

  1. Avoid delivering a car to the airport

Of course, this is convenient: you arrive, and a rented car is waiting for you. However, this significantly raises the cost of rental. It will be much cheaper to order an individual transfer to the hotel, and then to go to the car rental office. An exception to this rule is companies that have a small fleet of vehicles at the airport or in the immediate vicinity.


When choosing a car, pay attention to the factors that can help reduce the price:

  • The size of the cabin and trunk. It depends on the number of people traveling. If you travel alone or in a couple- give preference to small cars with economical fuel consumption.
  • Type of fuel – gasoline, diesel, gas or electric cars. Choose the type that you prefer.
  • It is determined depending on the individual preferences of the client. Rented cars come with both manual and automatic transmission.

Night road

When renting a car, consider your arrival and departure times. Many rental stations do not work at night. The last thing that should be added- carefully read and study the terms of the contract and follow the traffic rules. Good luck with your car rental and travel.