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Rucelle Soutar – chief operating officer of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

70th Anniversary:

In 2020, Edinburgh Tattoo is just closer to its 70th anniversary that’s are celebrating in August. The Edinburgh Tattoo Tickets can be booked online. The performances will take place from the 7-29 August 2020 at Edinburgh Castle Esplanade.

In order to accelerate “growth strategy”, the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo has appointed Rucelle Soutar to the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Soutar, who has worked with tattooing for five years as CFO, will lead the tattoo management team to implement ambitious audience development and business growth plans across the country and abroad.

She will lead the operational activity that will flesh out the Council’s plans to double Tattoo’s turnover to £ 20 million by 2025, increase the global audience and reach over one billion in several channels and to support charitable donations to £ 1 million per year.

Brigadier David Allfrey:

Chief Executive Officer Brigadier David Allfrey explains: This is a historic meeting for the Tattoo. The appointment of a chief operating officer will help us make better use of the human capital we have in the business while fixing the throttle on our annual programs in Edinburgh and abroad.

Our board of directors has defined a good strategy for the growth of the company in the coming years and Rucelle will make it happen, playing a key role in the development of our business into a world class brand operating on the world stage.

She has achieved remarkable results as a finance manager and is now leading a growing team to oversee all of our operational results using her keen sense, knowledge and experience to create momentum and agility in new business partnerships.

In her new role, she will also continue to fulfill our exciting plans for the August annual fair, our commitment to charitable giving, and returns on investment and influence.

Chief Operating Officer Rucelle Soutar said, “This is an exciting time for the company and a huge privilege for me. I have seen what we are capable of as a business, continuing to develop and grow over the past five years, and I am delighted to play a key role in driving our vision of success, building our brand and the expanding global footprint of our business.

For me, the opportunity to continue building a business of size, stature and the importance of tattooing was to be seized. I am excited about our vision and ambition, and my role is essential in giving more people the opportunity to enjoy the wonderfully rich and uplifting tattoo experience more often and in evolving forms. ”

Having already organized extremely popular shows in Australia and New Zealand in the past 15 years, the Tattoo aims to significantly expand its operations by organizing tours abroad in China, Australia and Canada from 2019.

The ambition to attract a global audience of 1 billion people across multiple channels by 2025 – a tenfold increase – is the next step for change for the organization whose annual Edinburgh show is extremely popular, but is linked by the physical size of the Edinburgh Castle Esplanade to 8,800 seats per evening show.

The Tattoo sells 220,000 tickets for its Edinburgh show in August, generating £ 77 million a year for the British economy and added value £ 30 million full time. The 2016 performances in Australia and New Zealand generated more than 240,000 ticket sales and the shows generated a combined estimate of £ 50 million in gross economic impact on the cities of Melbourne and Wellington.

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